Facial Hair Removal: 7 Tips To Reduce Pain

Waxing your legs or armpits is already a painful step for you, so what about the face, a sensitive area par excellence! All our advice to alleviate the inconvenience.

1. Ice cubes

The cold is known for its anesthetic virtues, so before starting hair removal, we pass an ice cube on the area to be treated to desensitize it. You can also put several ice cubes in a washcloth for added convenience. However, this method is not recommended for hot waxing because the temperature difference between the two products can create burns.

2. We choose our moment

The advice may seem primary, and yet it is essential. Indeed, we avoid any hair removal session during menstruation; during this period, our body is most sensitive to pain. Doing it outside of menstruation, therefore, reduces the feeling of discomfort.

3. talc

For the face, talcum powder is applied with a cotton ball on the area to be depilated, affecting gripping the hair more quickly and limiting the pain. This technique also helps to minimize redness and the feeling of tightness of the skin while limiting the appearance of pimples during waxing.

4. No coffee or alcohol

We apologize in advance for all those addicted to caffeine, but unfortunately, we favor decaffeinated drinks on waxing days. The stimulants present in coffee increase our sensitivity. Ditto for alcohol which absorbs hydration from our skin. Consequences? Our hairs will cling more to their dehydrated follicles. The blood is also more fluid; the network of blood vessels present at the root of the hair is more irrigated, making the pain more noticeable when the latter is torn. So we say yes to water.

5. Anesthetic cream

At extreme sensitivity, extreme remedy. If a hair removal session is a real moment of torture, then anesthetic cream is essential. Some creams are available without a prescription, but it is best to seek the advice of a specialist.

6. Pressure on the skin

This gesture is the basics of all beauty schools, and for a good reason, it is simple but effective. On the face, whether it is waxing, tweezers, or thread, as soon as the hair is removed press hard enough on the area in question. The pressure exerted helps soothe the skin.

7. Potato

It is a remedy of grandmother which has proven itself: the potato. Cut the starch in half and apply it to the treated area. Made up of 75% water and 20% starch, the potato offers an authentic natural poultice that immediately soothes inflammation.

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