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Perfume: 7 Professional Tips For Choosing The Right One?

An actual reveal of your identity, perfume is undoubtedly a must-have accessory! The floral scents of perfumes are an extension of your personality, an olfactory imprint that accompanies you throughout the day, and a unique trace of your passage. The choice of perfume is, therefore, an important step that deserves special attention. How to choose your perfume? Discover seven professional tips for finding your ideal perfume!

Become Aware Of The Effect Of Perfume On Yourself

The first pro tip for choosing your perfume is to be aware of why you are buying a perfume. This product has the power to trigger deeply buried emotions, create memories, and leave a memorable imprint. Scent can also boost self-confidence, spark attraction, and even improve mood. Understanding all these reasons allows you to choose the perfume best suited to your history and your sensitivity.

Understanding Fragrance Notes

To choose a perfume carefully, take the time to understand the different scent notes. Three types of messages allow us to identify the depth of a smell: the head, heart, and base notes.

The top notes are the first you will smell; they evaporate very quickly. The heart notes form the essence of the perfume, while the base notes are those that linger the longest. Before buying a perfume, test it for several days so that you can observe how it changes on your skin.

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Ask All Your Questions To Your Perfume Advisor

When you go to a perfume store, remember to ask the right questions. Ask for samples to test the perfume on your skin for a few hours, or even a whole day, before making a decision. Feel free to ask perfumery experts about the characteristics of the perfume and also about how you can wear it according to your clothing style. The knowledge of an expert advisor coupled with your intuition makes an excellent basis for deciding which perfume you are going to treat yourself to.

Identify The Olfactory Family Of Your Perfume

Each person has a unique scent preference. To find the scent that suits you best, identify your scent type: floral, oriental, woody, or fresh. Also, consider the seasons and special occasions in which you intend to wear the perfume. For example, light scents are more suitable for the summer season, while more languorous scents are perfect for winter.

Identify The Longevity Of The Perfume Before Purchasing It

One of the pro tips for choosing a perfume is to consider its longevity. Indeed, perfume concentrations, such as eau de toilette, eau de parfum, and smell, determine how long the scent lasts on your skin. To make your perfume last longer during the testing phase, apply it to warm areas of the body: the bend of the elbow, the wrist, or behind the ears.

Follow Your Instinct When Choosing Your Perfume

When choosing a perfume, remember to ignore trends or insistent advertising. For what? Because the essence of a fragrance that suits one person may not serve you. Likewise, when you go to a specialty store, test only one perfume at a time. The confusion of scents can mislead your judgment.

Take A Step Back Before Purchasing Perfume

Since a bottle of perfume can be kept for several months, even several years, it is essential to take your time before buying it. This gives you time to let it sit on your skin for a few hours or a day to see how it develops. Also, consider the reaction of those around you, as scents leave a lasting impression on your visit. Finally, have confidence in your choice because the perfume you wear is a valid extension of yourself!

Choose A Perfume According To Your Personality

Quite naturally, the choice of a perfume is made according to its depth in order to create harmony between the scent you wear and your identity. For example, if you are an energetic and dynamic soul, fresh and invigorating scents, such as those with citrus or marine notes, are a great choice to reflect your optimism.

For creative and artistic people, more original and eccentric perfumes, such as exotic or oriental floral fragrances with spicy notes, are most suitable. And, if you have a softer, romantic, and sensitive personality, floral perfumes with notes of rose, jasmine, or vanilla suit you more.

The key points to remember: Perfume is a subtle and powerful way to reveal your identity. It is an actual olfactory imprint of your personality, an invisible symphony that accompanies every moment of your life. To find the perfect perfume, it is essential to understand the emotional impact of perfume, to become familiar with olfactory notes, and to identify your olfactory family. Also, take into account the lifespan of the perfume and, above all, trust your instinct!

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