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7 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Cooking Rice Successfully

It is a fact! Rice is a delicious ingredient. You still need to know how to cook it… Are you used to throwing a glass of rice into a pot of boiling water when you want to prepare fish or sushi? It’s a bad idea! To obtain a perfect texture and preserve all the nutritional qualities of this cereal, you must cook it differently. Here are the seven common mistakes you should avoid making to cook rice successfully.

Do Not Rinse The Rice

To begin this article here is undoubtedly the most common mistake: forgetting to rinse the rice. Indeed, washing the rice before cooking is essential. It is even necessary if you want to remove any impurities and dust. This is also an excellent way to remove starch to avoid getting sticky rice. How to rinse rice before preparation? It’s simple! Just bathe it in a pan before discarding the water. Repeat the operation 2 or 3 times before moving on to cooking. Have you decided to make brown rice? In this case, soak this ingredient for about 15 minutes to have more nutritious and flavorful rice.

Mix The Rice While Cooking

Do you usually mix rice with a wooden spoon while cooking? You must ban this gesture! Indeed, when you stir the rice during preparation, you promote the release of starch. The result? A sticky, even glutinous rice. That’s not all! Swirling the pan may create areas where the heat will be uneven. You will have understood that to obtain delicious rice, you must leave the ingredients in peace throughout the cooking process.

Do Not Cover The Pan

To successfully cook rice, you must cover your saucepan or pot with a suitable lid. This way, you will reduce the evaporation of water and keep the steam inside the container. This is essential if you want to obtain soft, non-sticky, and strong-tasting rice. Pay attention to this step if you are preparing basmati rice or Thai rice.

Using Too Much Water For Cooking

Contrary to popular belief, rice does not need to be in a large pot; quite the contrary! You must use the right volume of water to obtain the expected result. In principle, we recommend adding two parts of water for 1 part of white rice or three parts of water for 1 part of whole grain or semi-complete rice. In any case, experiment to find the ideal amount, depending on the brand you use. You can also follow the instructions on the packaging of food products.

Salt The Rice After Cooking

Do you usually add salt to rice after cooking? It’s a bad idea! You actually have to put the salt in the cooking water. This way, the rice absorbs the right amount evenly. You can also use a stock cube or a mixture of herbs designed for rice, depending on your preferences. Whatever your choice, avoid adding salt to the rice before serving it. This could distort the taste of your preparation. It’s even a terrible idea if you are prone to water retention or if you suffer from high blood pressure.

Get The Cooking Time Wrong

Did you know? To get delicious rice, you need to pay attention to the preparation time. Indeed, cooking too long makes the cereal sticky, while cooking too short leaves you with crunchy rice. That’s not all! Exceeding the recommended time increases the glycemic index of rice. I was wondering how long it takes to cook white rice. It’s simple! You need to place the food in the pot for about 10 minutes. As for semi-complete rice, allow 25 to 30 minutes to obtain a dish that meets your expectations. Do you prefer brown rice? In this case, cook this ingredient for 45 minutes. Do you need help with yourself? No problem! Please read the instructions on the rice package and follow them strictly.

Forgetting To Let The Rice Sit

Have you just prepared your favorite recipe and chosen rice as an accompaniment? Once cooking is finished, don’t rush to eat. Let your favorite cereal sit before serving the meal. In this way, the steam contained in the grains will swell them to obtain soft and tasty rice. Remember this tip! If you rush, your rice will be sticky. You can take advantage of this moment to add some aromatics to your cereals. How long should I let the rice sit? We recommend waiting 5 to 10 minutes after cooking.

You have just discovered the seven common mistakes you should avoid making to cook rice successfully. You will have understood, we commit all kinds of stupidities when we prepare this cereal. Want to know one last tip for a delicious rice dish? Avoid adding cold water to your pot halfway through cooking. By doing this, you cause the temperature to drop suddenly. Your rice will stop swelling. It will have a strange texture and a somewhat questionable taste.

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