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A Brief Breakdown of Fish Oil Expiration Awareness

Expiration dates for medicines and supplements are usually pretty straightforward. You check the label, and if the meds are past the expiration date, it’s time to get rid of them. But when it comes to checking the viability of fish oil, the rules are a little bit different. It usually takes more than just looking up the date of expiry to determine whether fish oil is okay for use.

How to know whether the fish oil supplements you take have gone bad? This guide will help you get to the bottom of this concern, and take fish oil that is safe for consumption.

What Makes Up Fish Oil Supplements?

Fish oil supplements comprise polyunsaturated fats—omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. These make up the protective membranes around each cell, hence the reason why the liquid fish oil or capsuleshold the potential to improve your overall well-being.

Heart, bones, and muscles…

The omega 3 in fish oil provides you the nutrition for improved heart health and musculoskeletal system. The science behind its positive effects on crucial systems in your body is its anti-inflammatory properties.

Mental health development

Another benefit of fish oil you should tap is its ability to support brain development, for all ages. Aiding fetal development in pregnant people, ideal for babies and toddlers to reach growth milestones timely, all the way to supporting senior health and effective against memory loss issues— omega 3 is truly a powerhouse of nutrition.

Skin, hair, and fitness…

For people looking to shed weight and reach fitness goals faster, adding fish oil into the routine helps boost metabolic activity. The fatty acids also support skin and hair health, perfect to alleviate symptoms of chronic diseases and enhance beauty.

Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), the twofatty acids in fish oil, get the credit for these and many more health benefits. Of course, it is necessary that you take the right fish oil—fresh, purified, and high-quality—to gain the maximum benefits.

Different Fish Oil Products & Their Expirations

You can get fish oil supplements in different forms. Either for fish oil in a bottle, in the form of gel capsules, or fortified omega 3 hard capsules. For each of these, the way to store and the speed of rancidity differs.

Fish Oil Liquid

Fish oil liquid is as it sounds—pure fish oil from the bottle that you take by the spoonful. You can consume it solo, or add it to salad and smoothies to mask while adding some depth to your food. When it comes to fish oil, rancidity is likely to occur faster (despite what it says in the bottle’s expiration date), which is why it’s best to keep fish oil in the fridge for optimal preservation.

Fish Oil Softgels

Need pure fish oil that is easy to consume? Go for fish oil softgel capsules. Coated in a gelatin layer, these mask much of the taste and smell of the oil within. Plus, the fish oil starts breaking down in the gut rather than starting to take effects prematurely, reducing the likelihood of the signature ‘fishy stink’. You can refrigerate fish oil softgels if the weather is warm

Fish Oil Pill

Fish oil pills are not exactly fish oil, but rather contain traces of it, processed to extract omega 3 and combine with other nutrients to create a multi-nutrient supplement. You can usually just keep these pills outside, though airtight in the jar to avoid spoiling.

How To Tell That If Your Fish Oil Is Fresh Or Expired

Top-notch fish oil capsules should not remind you of that unbearable fishy smell when walking near a seafood market. Think more ocean-like fresh feeling rather than fish that has been left out. And, if your supplements do give off a foul odor or taking one makes you burp in a nauseating way, chances are these have oxidized considerably and have gone rancid.

Remember, fish oil can go bad before the expiration date arrives. Think of the expiration date as an indication of when the supplement has potency.

Ultimately, the most reliable way you can make sure your fish oil is still fresh is to trust your sense of smell. If you notice any rancid odor, it’s time to throw it out and get new supplements.

What Does Rancid Fish Oil Do To Your Health?

Expired fish oil, just like any other expired supplements, can harm your health due to the oxidation of omega-3s. It’s usually improper storage or exposure to extreme light, heat, or oxygen that leads to the breakdown of fish oil substances into lipid peroxides.

These peroxides can then degrade further and form aldehydes, which have the ability to increase the occurrence of mutations. Aldehydes possess inflammatory properties, harming cells, and potentially causing various health issues. Even small doses of rancid fish oil can be toxic to consume.

Safe Storage & Consumption of Fish Oil

It’s crucial to protect your fish oil supplements from heat, moisture, and direct sunlight. Keeping fish oil liquid and softgels in the refrigerator helps to keep them fresh. Studies how that fish oil can start to oxidize within a month, even if stored in a cool, dark place.

Since fish oil can easily go bad, especially in warmer climates, it is best that you only buy a month’s supply at a time. Make sure to keep an eye on both production and expiration dates, as products may linger on the store shelf for a while before you buy them.

Lastly, if you are on other medications, share the details with your physician in order to avoid an unpleasant reaction. For instance, the blend of large quantity intake of fish oil and heart medicines can result in harmful effects on your precious health. Furthermore, never overuse such supplements to protect yourself from issues like pain in stomach.

Bottom Line…

In order to consume fish oil safely, store it well. Moreover, review the expiration date beforehand. Consuming such oils with meals can prove effective. Always eat a balanced diet alongside taking these supplements to reap the benefits.

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