Why You Shouldn’t Apply Makeup If You Wear Masks?

Are masks and makeup compatible? The truth is that the controversy is more than served. It seems that the coronavirus is here to stay and we must adapt as best we can to the new situation. Protection is against anything else, such as makeup.

But it is true that the theories that the experts throw out we are not going to like very much. Especially to those people that makeup has always been present in their life. We must pay attention to what we are talking about now to always be as protected and protected as possible.

1. Skin Transpiration Decreases

We all agree that it is not the same to take the skin free, to the wind that covered. That is where we should start to think that something has changed and that it may not be quite as good as we thought. Since our skin needs to breathe and with masks, it will not succeed, but if we add makeup to older people, even worse.

The problems that can cause is that it does not look as bright as usual and that it loses its smoothness. Of course, also the problems of granites or black spots will be more frequent. But for this, in addition to makeup, we must also protect it with good products, with hydration and with a daily cleaning routine.

2. Skin Irritation Due To Moisture From The Masks

Because of the skin wants to breathe easy, what it doesn’t want is that moisture is present. Because as we mentioned before, granites will be the first to appear. Especially for those skins that already tend to them. But it is also that, with that agglomeration of humidity, irritation will also come into our lives.

It is evident, especially the more time we spend with the masks on. Because we sweat and if older we have makeup, then it can interfere even more. Don’t be scared if you start to see how some areas of your face are redder than others. Now you know what the reason is

3. Makeup, With The Masks, Can Clog The Pores

It is true that we are not always going to get worse, but of course, yes, makeup can clog the pores of the face. This can already be done without the need to wear masks, so when we use them, it will be even worse. As we have been mentioning, humidity is the main factor.

But neither should you put your hands to your head because of course, experts advise that in specific and specific cases, we can use a base without oils, which are the ones that usually protect the skin the most. Remember that if you put makeup on, hydration must be present and a good cleanser and tonic routine.

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4. Do Not Touch Up Your Makeup, If You Wear The Mask

Since we do not know where the viruses are, nor do we want to know, much protection is little. So in the event that the event requires it and you have to wear a little makeup, try not to touch up your makeup throughout the day. Yes, it was quite a common practice before, but everything has changed.

The best thing not to touch the mask too much nor to complicate the skin more is to forget about makeup. If you go out in the morning with a makeup base, then it will be the one you take until you return home to go on to cleaning your face. Thus avoiding bringing impurities to the skin.

5. Makeup May Interfere With Filtering

It seems that the pigments found in makeup maybe those that interfere with the filtering of the masks. Another added problem where the skin is not the protagonist, in this case. It seems that protection can also be resentful.

Since if the makeup dirties the mask , then it may decrease the effectiveness of the filters, which are saturated by this product. Although at first glance it does not seem so. If we have to pay attention to everything.

6. Skin Itches Due To Friction Caused By Mask

We do not always notice but when we speak or if our skin itches, then we will move the mask slightly, even with the gestures of the mouth. This will also make the skin notice it in the form of light friction.

So you can also make the face dry a little more than you should and the dreaded peeling appears. But this does also have an easy solution and that is that you can avoid it as long as you have hydrated skin. So both in the morning and at night, you should apply products intended for this purpose.

7. Test With Light Coverage As Makeup

If it doesn’t always have to be bad news, either. Best of all, we must choose a very light base that covers us and allows us to look like makeup. It is true that it will not be like the finish that we all know, but at least we can wear a more uniform face if the occasion requires it.

Hence, experts give us the possibility of choosing a little concealer and highlighter or a BB Cream that does not have oils and is not very dense either. All this will help us look a little better when removing the mask. But yes, remember that when you get home, you need your hydrating routine.

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