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Perfect Recipes For A Summer Snack

Experts recommend eating at least 5 times a day and in the summer we have more time to enjoy a snack on the beach, with family or friends to introduce this intake into our routine. For this, you can choose something sweet, refreshing, healthy with fruits … Do you know the best recipes for summer snacks? Today we show you some that you will love.

1. Glasses Of Cheese And Lime Pie

This is a very light way to eat a cheese and lime pie, in a more refreshing format for this time of year. The ingredients to make this delicious recipe are 150 g of cookies, 225 g of cream cheese, 150 ml of condensed milk, the juice and zest of 3 limes, 3 lime slices cut in half and whipped cream.

The cookies are first crushed in a food processor or crushed in the mortar. They are distributed at the bottom of glasses or glass bowls. Next, the cream cheese, condensed milk, juice and half of the lime zest are mixed in the food processor until they are integrated and smooth cream is obtained. This cream is spread over the cookies and reserved in the fridge for an hour. You can serve decorated with a tablespoon of whipped cream, the remaining zest and the lime wedge.

2. Whole Wheat Toasts or Sandwiches

This recipe is very easy and simple, it is also perfect for a snack for both adults and children as it is very healthy. You can make it with natural and low-fat products or make it with the seasonings that you like the most. You will need, as a base, the wholemeal or seed bread that you like the most.

It is about making a toast or a small sandwich with whole wheat bread, from seeds, or as you like and adding avocado and tomato, avocado and cheese, tuna and tomato or with egg, tomato and Serrano ham; A fun and sweet way is to make it with banana and dark chocolate. There are a thousand different combinations and they will all give you a great result.

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3. Slush With Fruit

Snacking on a naturally made fruit slushie can be one of the pleasures of summer, especially on those days when it is too hot and the body needs something refreshing in the middle of the afternoon. For this recipe, you will need 250 g of fruits to choose from, 50 g of sugar, 100 ml of water and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

First, the chosen fruit is placed in the freezer for a few hours. A good idea is to use seasonal fruit such as watermelon, melon, strawberry … The fruit is removed as soon as it is frozen. On the other hand, the syrup is prepared. To do this, mix the water with the sugar and the lemon juice. Cook until it boils and leaves 5 more minutes on the fire. The frozen fruit is placed in a mixer and the syrup is added little by little. Finally, it is beaten and stirred until obtaining a hailstorm texture. It is served in glasses and with the decoration that you like: with straws, umbrellas, a lemon peel.

4. Melon, Ham And Brie Sushi

This is a very healthy snack that mimics the look of a sushi roll but contains tasty fruit. This is a very simple recipe to prepare for which you will need 6 thin slices of cured ham, 150 g of brie cheese sliced ​​lengthwise, 1/4 of melon cut into sticks and 1/4 of melon Piel de Sapo cut in sticks.

Ham slices are spread first, they can be cut in half lengthwise if they are too wide. The brie slices are placed on top, in the centre, and the cheese is pressed outwards to flatten it and reach the edges of the ham. The sticks of the two kinds of melon are placed in the centre, dividing them into the slices so that they are of two colours. Roll the ham until it is wrapped and create some rolls similar to those of sushi. The cheese will make a little glue so that it is perfectly armed.

5. Fruit Skewers

If ham and cheese have seemed too much for your summer diet, you can always opt for a rich fruit skewer. They are very healthy and a very fun way to get children to snack on fruit if you enjoy this snack with the family. You will need the fruit that you like the most, some skewers and chocolate to melt with a purity of at least 70% to make it healthy.

First, varied fruit is chopped to taste. You can choose to cut them into different sizes to make a more original texture. Once this step is done, the pieces should be punctured on long sticks. Finally, the dark chocolate melts from 70%, it is poured over the fruit and it is allowed to cool. The chocolate will stay hard on the pieces of fruit and it will be delicious.

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