Home Remedies To Remove Sunspots From The Skin

When exposing the skin to the effects of the sun, it is convenient to apply for the corresponding protection and stay hydrated. In some cases, the sun can leave spots on the skin especially if you have not protected yourself enough before a tanning session, so typical of this time of year. Today we show you some homemade tricks to get rid of these annoying marks, in the most natural ways.

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a product widely used in cosmetics due to the large number of properties that this plant contains for skincare, and its use is common when it comes to treating scars, stretch marks or blemishes. It is also ideal to eliminate sun spots and it will not do any harm since it is a completely natural product, quite the opposite! It will be completely beneficial.

To treat the mandalas, spread a little aloe vera on top of the marks that the sun has left on the skin and leave it to work for at least 30 minutes. It will also help keep your skin hydrated and serves as a kind of home beauty treatment. If you have a plant at home you can use its juices to combat this problem.

2. Tomatoes

The juice of tomatoes contains vitamins A and C, and proteins, in addition to lycopene, which counteracts the action of free radicals. Although it does not seem like a food that is often used in cosmetic matters, the truth is that its properties are great for ending skin blemishes. In addition, it is a food that is always at hand at home.

To do this simple treatment, mix a tablespoon of lemon juice with a tablespoon of tomato juice and apply it with a cotton ball to the areas you want to tackle. You will see how the sun marks disappear.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar, an easy product to find in any supermarket, has acidic PH and that makes it excellent for closing pores and achieving smooth and shiny skin. Some natural cosmetics have this ingredient in their formula, so by itself, it also has interesting properties.

If you want to remove sunspots with apple cider vinegar soak a cotton ball with this product and apply it on the spots. Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash your face with cold water. Your skin will look like new and you will see a big change regarding imperfections in skin tone.

4. Lemon Juice

Lemon is a fruit with a high value in personal care and beauty. Its juice, as long as it is natural from a freshly squeezed fruit, is good for the skin, it is used to lighten hair naturally and also to purify the body by adding it to the water we consume every day.

To combat the spots, squeeze a little lemon juice and apply it in the areas where you have sunspots. Do not expose yourself to the sun while you have lemon juice on your skin because it can cause an unwanted effect. Ideally, follow this treatment at night before going to sleep and rinse it off in the morning with cold water or just when you go to the shower.

5. Natural Yoghurt

We are facing another food with cosmetic benefits and available to anyone since natural yoghurt has excellent beneficial properties for the skin. Softens pores, promotes cell regeneration, maintains hydration and disinfects and cleanses the skin in depth. Almost like any cream, you can buy at the perfumery.

To combat the spots caused by the sun, the ideal is to apply natural yoghurt in the form of a facial mask, in addition, this product already has a consistency similar to that of any cream and will be very simple. Leave to act for 15 to 20 minutes and remove with warm water. You will see how your skin improves and looks much cleaner.

6. Using Cucumber

The cucumber hydrates and protects the skin since it is composed of 70% water and it is also very helpful in producing more collagen and elastin that help keep the skin young and healthy.

It is a food known for reducing bags under the eyes and dark circles since it acts as a refreshing agent for the skin and also helps to deflate these delicate areas of the face. It is also positive for preventing problems like acne, and, of course, it is ideal for eliminating sunspots.

This food relieves the effects of sunburn. Thanks to the refreshing and anti-inflammatory properties of cucumber, they help to soothe irritated and reddened skin from the sun. To use it to combat the marks, peel and cut the cucumber, remove the seeds and process it in the blender until it forms a paste. Apply this lotion on the face for 20 minutes and your skin will be like new.

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