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What Can You Replace Liquid Cream With?

For a question of intolerance, calories, avoidance of products of animal origin or even simple shortage… Many reasons explain why we want to do without liquid cream in our recipes. But what can we replace it with to preserve the texture and taste of the recipe? Truck Mania gives you seven solutions for cooking without using liquid cream…

With Condensed Milk

Replacing liquid cream with unsweetened condensed milk is ultimately the simplest solution to get as close as possible to the texture and taste of the cream. Even whole, unsweetened condensed milk is much lower in fat and, therefore, calories than liquid cream. It is, therefore, an easy and cheap solution to replace it. Better yet, this tip is well known by dietetics professionals to lighten up all savory and sweet recipes. Quiches, flans, curries or even gratins of all kinds without added cream are yours! Condensed milk is used in the same way as liquid cream and in the same proportions. The icing on the cake: it also stores very quickly and for a very long time at room temperature as long as the box is not opened.

With Vegetable Creams

Vegetable cream is made from vegetable milk thickened with gelling agents or emulsifiers. With soy, rice, almonds, or even oats, there are many kinds today in the health food sections of supermarkets or organic stores. With their creamy texture, these vegetable creams have the same texture as traditional liquid creams. They can, therefore, be used in the same way and in the same proportions to bind sauces, top gratins, or sweeten soups. Only their flavor, which is quite distinct from that of traditional liquid cream, can make the difference. These plant-based creams are obviously suitable for people who are lactose intolerant or who do not wish to consume food products of animal origin.

With Stirred Yogurt

Who else but liquid cream has a creamy texture and a fresh, dairy and slightly tangy taste? Stirred yogurt, of course. In the dairy section, yogurt represents an excellent alternative to liquid cream. It is thus possible to introduce it into both savory and sweet recipes to reduce the calorie balance of the recipe. Choose it preferably with whole milk and not low-fat dairy so that it does not release water into your preparation. Rest assured, even if it is made with whole milk, stirred yogurt is, in fact, much less wealthy than cream. It is, therefore, a perfect replacement for cream for those who monitor their figure closely. It’s pretty easy to find in stores or at the bottom of your fridge!

With Cottage Cheese

Richer in protein than liquid cream and much lower in fat, cottage cheese is also a great replacement. Here again, it is better to choose it in a nonfat version to preserve the texture of its recipe. However, avoid adding it to preparations that require boiling; otherwise, the proteins in the fromage blanc risk coagulating and giving your dish a grainy texture. Substitute 100g of liquid cream for 100g of fromage blanc and always add it at the end of cooking, preferably off the heat if you want to thicken a sauce or soup, for example. Cottage cheese can also replace liquid cream in cake batters without any problem.

With Coconut Milk

Rich and creamy like liquid cream, coconut milk is also an excellent plant-based substitute for the latter. It can be used in both sweet and savory recipes where it goes particularly well with vegetables, spices, shrimp, fish and even poultry. Its subtle taste brings an exotic and original touch to all your dishes. Calorie-wise, the difference between coconut milk and cream is minimal! So please don’t count on it to lighten your recipes. However, it is well suited to people who suffer from lactose intolerance or allergies to cow’s milk proteins.

With Silken Tofu

Are you looking for a plant-based, low-calorie alternative with a neutral taste to replace liquid cream? Then, bet on silken tofu. This ingredient made from soy curd has a smooth and creamy texture that can be reminiscent of cream. 100% plant-based, it does not contain cholesterol or lactose and may be suitable for those who watch their figure as well as those who follow a vegan diet. To include in your recipes in the same proportions as a liquid cream, it is suitable for both savory and sweet recipes. It can now be found in the health food sections of supermarkets or organic stores.

With Oilseed Puree

If the liquid cream that you are looking to replace serves to bind a preparation or to provide it with fat, you can just as easily replace it with an oilseed puree. Almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts or even cashews, there is something for all tastes and uses in specialized stores. Generally rich in good fatty acids, these oilseed purees will also give a touch of originality to all your preparations. Try new combinations and enjoy a 100% plant-based version.

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