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Thickened Nails: Causes And Remedies

Thickened nails are a typical peculiarity that can have a few causes. Of the time, it is brought about by a contagious disease, which decides an adjustment of the appearance and consistency of the nail; in different cases, nonetheless, we could be within sight of different issues, for example, subungual hyperkeratosis or onychogryphosis.

Subungual hyperkeratosis causes an overproduction of the cells that make up the epithelial tissue in people who experience the ill effects of it. This prompts mind-boggling and thick nails, particularly those on the feet, with different outcomes on one’s prosperity; onychogryphosis, then again, is an exceptionally successive flaw in more seasoned individuals.

What causes thick nails, and what cures can be incorporated? We should see it together.

Thickened Nails: A Common Phenomenon

Thickened toenails are exceptionally normal, and at times, it is typical; at different times, it is the immediate result of a more extreme illness, like diabetes or psoriasis. Thick and yellowish toenails are regular in more seasoned individuals dependent upon this issue and have unpleasant toenails with a layered surface. On the off chance that you overlook the issue, it is plausible that different side effects connected with the thickening will show up, for example,

  • Bad nail odor;
  • Double nails;
  • Nails that break easily;
  • Nails lifting from the nail bed;
  • Ache;
  • Difficulty in keeping them well cut and filed.

The Causes That Determine Thickened Nails

One reason that can cause the issue of thick and hard nails is subungual hyperkeratosis. Because of the abundance of skin cells, an unusual aggregation of nail tissue is made close to the supposed “nail bed,” i.e., the base on which it rests. Subungual hyperkeratosis can bring about different complexities, beginning with chipping the peripheral piece of the nail and its separation.

Subungual hyperkeratosis causes the presence of thickened, testing, and yellowish-white nails, and its seriousness can shift contingent upon the thickness made. Twofold nails are regularly connected with two issues, psoriasis, and onychomycosis, which have the conceivable result of thickening the toenails. This issue happens all the more frequently in the lower furthest points, highlighted by utilizing tight and awkward shoes that pack the nails. Notwithstanding subungual hyperkeratosis, different causes that can prompt thick, hard toenails include:

  • Trauma and injuries to the feet;
  • Fungal infections, such as onychomycosis;
  • Yellow nail syndrome;
  • Some diseases such as diabetes and psoriasis;
  • Paronychia;
  • Old age.

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Onychogryphosis: A Problem That Affects The Elderly

The phenomenon of thick toenails mainly affects older people, who are particularly exposed to this type of disorder. This problem is onychogryphosis, an abnormal thickening of the nail commonly referred to as “claw nail,” which causes deformity and hypertrophic growth. The causes can be of various types, ranging from unsuitable footwear (for example, too tight) to trauma, bone deviations, and other pathologies.

Among these, the most common are, in addition to psoriasis and diabetes, nutritional deficits, circulation disorders, and arthrosis. Those who suffer from this disorder can experience intense pain and difficulty walking. Furthermore, nail deformities can cause localized calluses under the nail, which, consequently, cause inflammation and problems with walking. Thick, claw-shaped toenails can be either congenital or a manifestation that develops in correlation with other factors, including:

  • The hallux valgus ;
  • Circulatory disorders;
  • Ichthyosis, which is a genetic disease that causes flaking of the skin;
  • Violent and repeated traumas affecting the nail;
  • Ringworm;
  • Fungal infections such as onychomycosis;
  • Bone deviations due to advanced age;
  • Arthrosis.

Thickened Nails: How To Prevent Their Appearance

Are there any ways to avoid double toenails and their associated thickening?

It is certainly essential to keep your hands and nails clean and trimmed, and it is also preferable to keep these precautions in mind :

  • Do not share nail clippers or all those pedicure tools with other people;
  • Do not walk barefoot in public environments;
  • Pay attention to the quality of aesthetic treatments for the feet;
  • Do not share towels with other people;
  • Use gloves when washing dishes or cleaning;
  • Do not use shoes that are too tight or inappropriate;
  • Ensure that your underwear is not damp to prevent contracting fungi.

Remedies To Treat Thickened Toenails

To effectively address the problem of thick toenails, you need to understand what causes it.

Avoiding DIY and contacting a professional in the sector is still advisable, mainly if other pathologies are also associated with the thickening. In the case of onychogryphosis, however, there are no particular drugs or therapies to be put into practice other than the physical removal of the excess nail. For this reason, those suffering from thick nails must pay attention to their ends and regularly undergo cutting and filing sessions with expert professionals.

Suppose you suffer from onychogryphosis, in particular. In that case, it is better to avoid cutting your nails yourself as cutting an exceptionally thick and hard nail can cause pain and bleeding: by removing the nail, it is easy also to remove the relevant nail bed, which, being rich in capillaries, tends to bleed very easily. The presence of double toenails is not easy to eliminate, and an inexperienced person is unlikely to be able to do so without causing a worsening of the situation. Fortunately, the latest podiatry techniques allow thick toenails to be effectively treated without causing suffering, relieving the patient and allowing him to start walking again.

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