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Waxing: Those Hairs That You Shouldn’t Remove

On the face, on the body, on a mole. The temptation to depilate hair considered unwanted is strong but sometimes not recommended. We take stock.

1. Down on the face

Professionals advise against waxing the down of the face on the mustache or cheeks, at the risk that it grows back thick and thicker. The solution? Discoloration!

But if it’s stiff hairs, like those that can appear after menopause, where estrogen levels drop, you can pull them out. Be careful; the face is a sensitive area. To avoid the appearance of pimples and other imperfections, it is advisable to use face wax, tweezers and disinfect your skin well.

Have you ever heard of polycystic ovary syndrome? It is characterized in particular by hirsutism in the face.

2. Nose hairs

Why not pluck those hairs? They play a vital role! They make it possible to filter the air breathed: bacteria and impurities are found stopped by the hair follicles. If they are no longer there, you are no longer protected! On the other hand, if some protrude from the nostril, you can cut them with a small chisel, being careful not to hurt yourself.

3. The White hairs

Are you starting to see some white hair? Please do not remove them! If snatching one doesn’t make others appear, it’s best to avoid it. Why? By pulling them out, they risk not growing again at all: they have a limited lifespan. As a result, if you remove them all, you will have a lot less hair mass.

4. Pubic hair

If the hairs are present, they often protect a sensitive area such as the bikini area from viruses and bacteria. Some dermatologists also explain that full bikini waxing is “authorized” if done with wax and not with depilatory cream or razor. These last two techniques are too aggressive: with the razor, the risk of micro-cuts is very high, and the products contained in the cream can be too aggressive if they are applied to the vulva or the lips.

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