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Can I Take Vitamin D And Calcium To Prevent Osteoporosis?

Yes, if you are in danger of missing out on these valuable nutrients, for example, when your diet is not sufficiently rich in protein and calcium.

Vitamin D is produced predominantly by ultraviolet B (those that cause sunburn) on the skin. It seems that a vitamin D deficiency, in particular, is associated with several illnesses but, conversely, it is sometimes difficult to show that taking vitamin D regularly cures them.

What we are sure of, however, is its positive effects on bone quality! This is logical since vitamin D ensures their mineralization by increasing the absorption of calcium in the intestine, on the one hand, and its reabsorption in the kidney, on the other hand.

Thus, the calcium-vitamin D combination reduces the risk of non-vertebral fractures (especially hip fractures), and even more so for people in retirement homes. Besides, the likelihood of responding to bisphosphonates (which is taken when osteoporosis is known) is quadrupled when the vitamin D level is in the upper range.

Patients who take vitamin D in sparse doses (small and regular), combined with calcium, can rely more on their muscles and fall less. Supplementing with vitamin D also improves walking speed, a reflection of muscle power.

If there is a deficit (or risk of a deficit) and if supplementation is necessary, it is better to take calcium naturally, in cheeses for example, and vitamin D either every day or a loading dose (of 50,000 IU) every month, winter, all the more willingly as we have black skin and are overweight.

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Vitamin D against Coronavirus: Foods that contain it

The National Academy of Medicine emphasizes the importance of vitamin D in the functioning of the immune system during a Covid-19 pandemic. While vitamin D comes mainly from the sun, it is also present in some foods.

The National Academy of Medicine prescribes a vitamin D cure against the coronavirus. Vitamin D comes to us from the sun. It penetrates through the skin then is transported in the liver and the kidney before being transformed into “active hormone”, which is “responsible for the intestinal absorption of calcium and bone health” explains the Academy in an opinion specifying that “Vitamin D also has unconventional effects” and plays an important role for our immune system in the event of contamination by the new coronavirus.

Vitamin D Is Believed To Reduce Death Rate From Coronavirus

The institution reports “a significant correlation between low serum vitamin D levels and mortality from Covid-19,” saying that if it “cannot be considered as a preventive or curative treatment for the infection due to SARS-CoV-2 […] it could be considered as an adjunct to any form of therapy “.

The Recommendations Of The National Academy Of Medicie

The Academy recommends “vitamin D supplementation in the French population”, recalling that it can be administered simply orally. A measure “inexpensive and reimbursed by the Health Insurance”. Special dosage instructions are also given for people with Covid-19, particularly for patients over 60 years old.

Sun Exposure, Food: How To Fill Up On Vitamin D?

Apart from the vitamin D supplementation often prescribed in ampoules, it is also possible to store it naturally with sunbathing, for example, by exposing arms and legs for 10 minutes on sunny days as previously advised.

Some foods also contain vitamin D such as fatty fish, mushrooms, especially shiitake, egg yolk, butter, lamb, calf or heifer liver, although the content is sometimes low. The food containing the most is none. Other than cod liver oil! To be taken during a meal containing oil or fats helping assimilation.

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