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How To Boost The Volume Of Fine Hair?

To keep your bun in shape or to keep your blow-dry more than a morning, give density to your fine hair. Volumizing or texturizing stylers, hairdryer, round brush. All means are suitable to create that volume you need.

Fine hair: what is it?

A thin hair is a type of hair that is characterized by its fineness. It is often relatively flat and may lack bulk. The roots can also grease quite quickly. This is why some brands have developed light and volumizing hair routines specialized in these issues.

Give volume to fine hair: take off the roots.

C ‘ is ideal for giving a thickness of illusion. For a long-lasting hold, go to your hairdresser. Daily, bet on the use of a volumizing foam or a spray.

For the mousse, fill the palm of your hand with a cloud of this whipped cream that you will spread roughly over all of your clean and damp roots. With a comb with large teeth, distribute the material well . You can go down the lengths if you want to add volume.

The advice: shake your foam bomb well before spraying, in order to obtain an airy texture that will not risk weighing down the hair.

Give volume to fine hair: blow-dry to better volume fine hair.

Head down, go to the drying step. Maintaining your hairdryer at a distance of 20 to 30 cm, swipe your hair with the hot airflow while crumpling roots and lengths in hand.

The advice: do not use the ionic function of your hairdryer if it has one. It may make the hair silky and minimize frizz formation and static electricity, but its smoothing action does not promote volume.

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Give volume to fine hair: brusher to create thickness.

Once your hair is dry, raise your head again. Using a round brush , stretch your locks from the inside one by one, with a rotary movement of the wrist. In parallel, keep the airflow of the hairdryer on the outer surface. Insist on the brushing at the roots before continuing on the lengths. If you have the time, rather than using a brush, opt for rollers with Velcro. A practical alternative to keep volume over time.

The advice: switch from the hot air function to lukewarm air. Heat is the enemy of volume.

Give volume to fine hair: maintain the importance of fine hair.

Unless you’re a fan of daily shampoos, you won’t have to start these steps from scratch every morning. You need to use hairspray, or a texturizing spray, to refresh the thickness obtained the day before.

Head down again, spray the product, this time on dry hair. Allow the texture a few seconds to dry before lifting the head up. By sheathing the hair fiber, it will play the role of root tutor and give the impression of a thick mane. Finish by gently brushing the latter for a natural result.

The board: dry shampoo is a multi-benefit alternative. In addition to giving bulk to your roots, it will absorb excess sebum from the scalp and boost the shine of your hair.

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