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Hair Toner: Usefulness, Choice, Application

With all these coloring products on the market, navigating them can sometimes be challenging…

The toner is not well known to the general public, but it is a good option between two colorings and a formidable weapon to destroy unsightly reflections! We see together what a toner is, in which case it can be useful, its benefits, how to choose it, how to apply and maintain it, where to buy it, and even how to make it yourself.

What Is A Hair Toner?

The hair toner, by definition, is a treatment intended to modify the color of the hair; it is a light coloring applied to colored or bleached hair. It can be used in two ways. On the one hand, you can apply a toner between two colorings to add pigments and thus boost the color. On the other hand, the toner can be used to adjust the color or correct unwanted reflections such as yellow or copper tones, for example.

In either case, the advantage of the toner is that it has a shine effect: the hair displays a beautiful shine, and the color is more vibrant. Moreover, according to some hairdressers, the toner is a bit like the capillary translation of the topcoat on the varnish! It depends on the nature of the hair and its porosity, of course, but a toner lasts about 3 to 4 weeks.

The frequency with which you wash your hair is also to be taken into account because the effects of the toner fade a little after each shampoo. After about ten washes, little pigment is left, and you must renew the toner application. If you ever dislike the effect obtained, you will know that you need to bring the shampoos closer together to get the toner out.

What Is The Difference Between A Toner And A Patina?

A toner and a patina have the same functions. Both revive the color and are intended to neutralize unsightly reflections. It’s just a matter of vocabulary! Gloss is a very similar treatment, with the difference that it can be applied to natural hair.

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Does The Toner Damage The Hair?

The toner does not alter the hair fiber; quite the contrary! Formulated without ammonia or peroxide, two potentially aggressive active ingredients, it is much gentler on the hair than conventional coloring. Its composition even allows it to create a protective barrier around the hair and further seal the cuticles, resulting in this beautiful shiny appearance and a small surplus of volume, not negligible!

Hair Toner: Contraindications?

Since it is made without harmful products, making a toner is not contraindicated. Therefore, a pregnant or breastfeeding woman can have recourse, which can be an alternative solution to coloring, very practical, during pregnancy.

Which Toner Should I Choose For My Hair?

Knowing which type of toner to choose is essential. For this, you must consider a shader and the color wheel! Indeed, each primary color opposes and neutralizes a secondary color.

For Brown Hair: Blue Toner

This toner is perfect for removing redness and restoring shine to chestnut and brunette hair.

For blonde hair: purple toner This one is right on time to eliminate yellow hair and banish any copper hair or even orange hair. It will also restore polar blond and ash blond.

For Red Hair: Green Toner

It’s the one you need to eradicate the red reflections and revive the red.

For Bleached Hair: White Toner

This toner blurs yellow residue, allowing you to obtain very shiny white hair.

How To Apply Toner To Your Hair?

Using a toner is easy: the first thing to know is that the hair must be clean. They must remove all impurities to distribute the product evenly over the entire hair fiber. So we start with a shampoo before following the other steps! It is then a question of putting on gloves and mixing the two solutions in the kit: the pigments and the developer. Follow the instructions carefully… and no improvisation!

Then, thanks to the brush, we apply the toner by focusing well on the unwanted reflections. The exposure time must be respected precisely; otherwise, a hair disaster can occur: blue reflections, purple, etc., depending on your toner… Finally, we finished rinsing the toner.

Question maintenance: We opt for shampoo, conditioner, and mask for colored hair.

The other tip to prolong the hold of your toner is to avoid exposing your hair too often to heat (hair dryer, straightener, etc.); indeed, it helps to bleed the toner more quickly. If you cannot do without heat-heating devices, it is essential to use a heat-protective spray to limit the damage!

Where To Buy Hair Toner?

In pharmacies and drugstores like Familiprix, or supermarkets, you can find toners at different prices depending on the brand. At Monoprix or Carrefour, for example, you can buy a Schwarzkopf or L’Oréal toner. If you prefer a professional toner, you can turn, in the salon, to a Wella product. The choice is vast on the Internet, and many large retail brands exist, but others have yet to be made known, like Jean Coutu.

How To Make Your Homemade Toner?

You may want a custom and homemade toner; the recipe is not complicated. Mix a color, the opposite shade to the color to be faded, with conditioner. On the other hand, it is necessary to do a test on a wick beforehand. If ever your dosage could be better, it will avoid many disappointments! We start with a little coloring and increase if necessary. You must opt for plant pigments, floral waters, or raw ingredients if you want a natural toner. For example, you can use green tea to reduce red highlights, enhance a red with hibiscus flowers, try indigo to lighten the hair, etc.

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