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Hair Polish: How Does It Work?

More discreet than streaks and lighter than sweeping, the gloss varnish technique is the capillary technique, still in vogue, to give your hair a natural glow. On natural hair, but also colored, bleached, sensitized, or not, in addition to providing care, the varnish highlights the reflections and hair. Ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to touch their natural color but still wants to reveal different tones in their hair!

To have a radiant color without committing to the long term, to extend the time between salon visits, or to benefit from a fast, gentle process without damage to the hair, the varnish technique is attractive. Before you start, we tell you everything about this hair coloring technique, not to be confused with patina—spotlight on hair polish.

Hair Varnish: What Is It?

It’s nail polish when your hairdresser talks to you about “hair gloss” because, like nail polish, this treatment contains light-reflecting pigments while being transparent and natural. The result: shinier hair than ever. Not to be confused with patina. We explain everything about these two different hair care products.

Varnish Or Patina: What Are The Differences?

Varnish and patina are two different hair techniques. The varnish or gloss is a top coat (finishing coat) that will influence the shine, while the patina aims for nuance to avoid unwanted colors. If it is true that the patina will also boost the shine of the hair, this is not its primary objective. The principle of varnish is simple: it consists of inserting light-reflecting pigments into the hair’s scales. It will bring light reflections to dull hair, care for sensitized hair, and shine above all.

Thanks to this gloss effect, the varnish can revive a color or give the locks a patina by bringing them to shine.

In terms of composition, when we talk about varnish, we are talking about coloring with an acid pH (between 4.5 and 5.5), relatively gentle for the hair since it will close the scales to respect the hair fiber as much as possible. It is, therefore, a soft coloring without ammonia, which does not produce oxidation. This is why the varnish is not brightening and fades like a tan. As for the patina, it is halfway between hair care and coloring.

Enriched with dyes and vegetable oils, it will blur the unwanted effects of sweeping by depositing a light veil of color on the hair’s surface. This veil will bring shine and care to the hair, but it will protect the hair from any degradation of the scan’s color. Thus, on blond hair, the patina will restore shine to a scan that has become dull or even make up for any yellowed hair. And, on brown hair, the patina will catch up with the red highlights.

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Is Hair Polish Right For Me?

The varnish will make people happy since it suits everyone! Colored, bleached, swept, or highlighted hair, you can sublimate the brilliance of your natural color or not, thanks to a hair gloss. The result will, however, have some nuances depending on the color of your hair. Indeed, the varnish will be more visible on the blondes, which will vary the reflections more. It will therefore bring more relief to light colors with deeper shades. On brown hair, it will add shine and pay less to the differences in tone.

How To Apply Varnish To Your Hair?

Although the technique is simple, it requires installation by a professional for optimal results.

It is therefore strongly recommended to make your gloss in the salon because a hairdressing professional can adapt the exposure time according to the expected results. Some hairdressers will apply the varnish with a brush and others with a comb, previously coated with coloring.

What to expect in terms of results? The result is soft, with no marked effect, almost impossible to discern with the naked eye. The other advantage is that there is no root effect during regrowth because the hair is only very lightly colored. On the other hand, you will get hair full of light!

How Long Does Hair Polish Last?

Since hair polishes are gentle ammonia-free hair color, they fade naturally in 4-6 weeks.

It is, therefore, an excellent temporary alternative to traditional permanent coloring. Doing a varnish can also test a new shade before embarking on a more lasting coloring. And if you are not convinced, your varnish will only disappear partially. Also, if you want it to fade faster, you can always increase the frequency of washing your hair. On the other hand, to maintain it, a whole range of products will help you maintain the shine of your hair.

Where To Buy Hair Polish?

Although we advise you to go to a salon to varnish your hair, you can always do it yourself.

To do this, you will need to buy a suitable product. You should already know that many products are on the market. To use a quality product adapted to your needs, turn to hairdressing salon shops or shops specializing in hairdressing products, such as Bleu Libellule. You will surely find a team of hairdressing professionals to inform you and find the product designed especially for your desired moment: a pretty gloss. Perfect for shining under the first summer rays!

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