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Hair Shrinkage: Causes And Consequences

Shrinkage that’s a word you might not be familiar with. However, this English term, “to shrink”, refers to a phenomenon known in hairdressing. Indeed, if you have a curly, curly or frizzy hair fiber, you have surely noticed that your hair loses centimeters when it dries. Coming out of the shower, after your shampoo and detangling, your hair looks longer and relaxed, and then as it dries, it goes up, which gives the impression of shorter hair. So, to stop getting irritated in front of the mirror, let’s try to understand what’s going on with your springy hair.

What Is Shrinkage?

In the shower, the water weighs down and relaxes the hair. This happens after you have made your anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner (based on keratin, for example). However, curly or very curly hair can rise dramatically when it dries. The length then appears shorter, which can be frustrating. In addition, many women think their hair does not grow fast enough and is not in good shape. This is why, aware of this phenomenon, some hairdressers prefer to cut curly or frizzy hair dry to have a better approach. Indeed, shortening 1 cm on very wet curly hair means sacrificing 3 to 4 cm on dry hair. This helps to understand better what shrinkage is!

Shrinkage: What Are The Causes?

This phenomenon concerns hair that is not straight and smooth but in the form of more or less tight twists. A hair sensitive to shrinkage is in the form of a spring, and depending on its diameter, your hair will be considered curly, curly or Afro. This characteristic, linked to your very curliness, changes the bounce of your hair between its dry or wet state. And the more your hair is curly, the more this loss of length will be noticeable! When the air is humid outside, you will find that your curls are plump and tight, shiny, hydrated and full of life. On the contrary, cold and dry air can damage and break your curly hair.

Shrinkage: Good Or Bad?

Is the shrinkage of which you are a victim putting your morale at half mast? Yes, despite your pretty length, your hair looks much shorter than it is. So, rest assured, this phenomenon testifies to natural hair in perfect health. Indeed, your hair is elastic, supple, and able to relax and regain its original shape. Therefore, why not live in peace with your true hair nature, and tame it without inflicting harsh treatments on it? If your hair were dehydrated, dried out or weakened by chemicals, it would be unable to offer such bounce and malleability. This is a point that should reconcile you with your hair nature while moving!

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5 Tips To Fight Against The Phenomenon Of Shrinkage

However, if you want to limit the consequences of shrinkage on your hair, know there are tips. They will allow you to reduce the spring effect and keep your lengths.

The LCO Method To Relax Your Frizzy Hair

The LCO technique (English acronym) allows them to hydrate and nourish perfectly. This way, your hair fiber is sheathed and texturized, reducing shrinkage. To do this, apply a leave-in (care without rinsing), a modeling cream (Cream) and nourishing vegetable oil (Oil). Finally, dry your hair naturally or with a diffuser in cold air.

The Essential Brushing To Gain Centimeters

Of course, by blow-drying, you will soften your hair and relax it, a simple and effective way to display a nice length. However, remember to adopt a thermo-active treatment (thermo-protective) to block the heat and preserve the good health of your hair. In addition, brushing must remain a one-time method. Indeed, beware of traction alopecia when you try to pull your hair too much to make it smooth!

The Banding Method Is Simple And Effective In Slowing Down Shrinkage

Another way to soften your hair without a heat source is the “banding method”. You must separate the hair into small sections before wrapping several rubber bands around each strand, from root to tip. So, when they dried like this overnight, your hair retained its length. However, avoid over-tightening your ties to protect your hair fiber.

Styling To Relax Your Curls

Another trick to make your curls less tight is to use wide rollers/curlers. This way, you loosen up your hair while it’s still damp in a styled style. To release curls too curly, bet on rollers with a large diameter. This method has the advantage of not being aggressive for your hair.

Sleep With Braids Or A Bun So As Not To Shrink

Always to prevent your hair from shrinking, do not hesitate to make pigtails or a soft bun after taking your shower. Several solutions can be envisaged, such as the realization of flat vanilla or a flexible high bun. An approved method is to make four big braids to prevent knots when you wake up, another way to avoid “shrinking”. Remember that shrinkage is a sign of the great shape of your hair. They are sufficiently nourished and hydrated. So, goodbye to hair straightening, the repeated use of straighteners and showing off your so sexy Afro look!

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