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7 Tips For Finding A Good Hairdresser

You or your hairdresser have moved, and it’s panicking! Indeed, we have our habits and finding a good hairdresser or at least one that suits us can be challenging. Whether to refresh the cut or change your look or color, entrusting your hair to a stranger can be stressful. So how do you find the hair salon of your dreams? Follow us, and we will reveal 7 tips to find the right hairdresser to care for your hair!

Trust Customer Reviews

Your friends and family are the first reliable source to help you find a good hairdresser.

Indeed, you can directly appreciate the quality of his work. Cut, color, price; you get all the information about the hair salon. As a bonus, they will be able to tell you about its qualities and its defects.

This is why word of mouth is the first source of information that will help you find a good hairdresser! Similarly, you can read customer reviews on websites. However, remember that sometimes they are unreliable and need to be nuanced… On the other hand, you can check his website, or even his Instagram, to see the photos of his achievements before/after.

Go To The Hair Salon

Rather than calling to make an appointment, head to the salon directly! Thus, you can realize the atmosphere, the hygiene, the welcome… And above all, you have direct contact with the hairdresser and his team! Remember that hairdressers who work together in the same salon tend to style each other. It’s a good way to realize their work. If you like their look, you should like your new haircut!

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Test A Service

Before jumping straight into a cut or color, make an appointment for a service with minimal risk. For example, cut a curtain fringe, equalize the ends or brushing. So you test and appreciate the hairdresser’s skills, whether in technique, advice, or empathy. Indeed, the results and the quality of the services are essential to a good hairdresser.

Check The Quality Of Service

We have seen it: the result and the technique are important criteria, but the service is just as important! It sometimes happens to stay there for several hours depending on the hairstyle and the color requested, so you should wait in a pleasant place where you can relax. Hygiene, punctuality, background music… Everything should encourage a moment of well-being and not a chore!

Have Confidence In Your Hairdresser

A good hairdresser should listen to you. He must be able to advise you whether it is on the color or the cut. He must also know how to say no to you! Indeed, if you ask for a short haircut when it is not suitable for your face, he must tell you. Similarly, if you ask for a service that risks damaging your hair, he will tell you that he does not prefer to do it. In addition, he must give you advice and tips on how to maintain your hair and restyle it easily!

Be Specific In Your Requests

Be specific about your request during the first appointment to avoid unpleasant surprises.

With your old hairdresser, you no longer needed to talk! He knew your hair and your tastes. There, you will have to explain what you want clearly. You can bring photos to show him the length or color you like.

Likewise, a good hairdresser must carry out a complete and precise diagnosis to determine the nature of your hair and to check where the volume is. If he is also an expert hairstylist, he will be able to advise you on a look adapted to your face! You should also know that a good hairdresser will tell you the price before doing your hair.

Choose A Hairdresser According To His Criteria

Finally, before you go looking for your new hairdresser, you must determine your criteria:

  • Do you need an expert make-up artist or even a colourist?
  • Would you like to come to the salon unannounced or by appointment?
  • Do you have budget constraints?
  • Do you prefer a hairdresser at home?

By asking yourself these questions, you can narrow the possibilities to find the right hairdresser who will meet your expectations!

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