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Hair Donation: Why And How?

Did you know that hair donation is precious for specific associations? Indeed, this then allows them to help people who have lost their hair. Find out in this article why donating your hair when possible is so important, but also, what the conditions are for doing so. We will then explain how to cut your hair yourself to give it away and find a hairdresser if you feel like you need to cut it at home. Finally, we have selected a list of 4 associations to which you can donate your hair. You will find their website, the details of their donation conditions, and their address to send them your hair!

Why Donate Her Hair?

Donating your hair is a lovely act: it makes it possible to make wigs for people who have lost their hair. You should know that certain diseases, such as cancer, can cause hair loss.

Today, wigs are costly, so associations are mobilizing to collect donations of hair; they are then transformed into wigs by a wigmaker to help people in need.

What Are The Conditions For Donating Your Hair?

You should know that everyone can donate their hair; all genders, ages and hair colours are accepted! On the other hand, depending on the association you choose to donate your hair, there will be specific criteria, so find out! Here are some examples of criteria required by associations:

  • The main thing is to have healthy hair which is not brittle or too split;
  • A hair length of at least 10 to 30 cm, depending on the chosen combination;
  • You must give dry and clean hair.

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Can I Give Coloured Or Bleached Hair?

In most cases, only natural hair, not coloured or bleached, is accepted. However, some associations accept them, so you have to find out about the criteria of each one. If you donate your coloured or bleached hair to an association that accepts it, note that your hair must be in excellent health and that the coloring or bleaching has not damaged it too much.

How To Cut Your Hair To Give It Away?

If you decide to cut your hair yourself to donate it, know there is a specific method to follow.

Here are the different steps:

  • Tie the wick you want to cut with three rubber bands at equal distances. One located at the top of the wick, one in the middle and one at the bottom;
  • Once the wick has been cut, leave the elastics well, then place it in a bag that closes appropriately (such as a freezer bag, for example) so that all the hair remains well grouped;
  • Then send the bag with your hair lock inside to the chosen association.

Where To Give Your Hair?

To donate your hair, you must first choose an association. Then you will cut your hair at home or at a partner hairdresser, following the instructions. To help you choose, we have selected the four most essential associations in France and Belgium to which you can donate your hair.

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Four Associations To Donate Your Hair

Fake Hair Don’t Care

To donate your hair, Fake Hair Don’t Care, the following criteria:

  • Healthy hair
  • Possibility of giving coloured hair
  • The length of the wick should be at least 10 cm

To send them your lock of hair, please note this address:

  • Fake Hair Don’t Care Association, 47 rue François Sautet, 94550 Chevilly-Larue
  • Or approach one of the partner hairdressing salons who take care of everything and will offer you the cut or a reduction on it. For the list, go to their website.

Solid Hair Association

This is the first hair donation association (since 2015). Here are the conditions for donating your hair to Solid Hair:

  • Healthy and clean hair
  • Not coloured, not discolored
  • The length of the wick should be at least 25 cm

To donate your hair to this association, send your lock to the following address:

  • 14 rue des Fauvettes, 95450 Us-en-Vexin
  • Or, drop it off at one of the 800 partner hairdressers who will send your lock of hair and offer you a free cut or a reduction in exchange.

For more information, visit their website.

Well-Being And Solidarity Association

Discover the hair donation conditions of this association:

  • Healthy and clean hair;
  • Not coloured, not discolored;
  • The length of the wick should be at least 20 cm.

To make your hair donation, send your lock to this address:

  • Well-Being & Solidarity Association, 17 Bis rue de Fosserville, 28360 Dammarie
  • Or contact the solidarity salon Tendance Coiffure at 15 rue du Soleil d’Or, 28000 Chartres, which will take care of sending your donation to the association.

For more information, visit their Facebook page.

Coup d’Éclat

This Belgian association is part of the Think Pink campaign to raise breast cancer awareness.

To donate your hair, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Healthy, clean and dry hair
  • Free of hair product residue
  • The length of the wick should be at least 30 cm

To donate your hair, send it to the following address:

  • Coupe d’Éclat, DA 852-439-3, 1000 Brussels
  • Or go to a partner salon that will offer you a haircut.

Can You Give Your Hair To The Hairdresser?

Yes, there are specific salons to donate your hair. Some hairdressing salons are also partners of the associations. To find a salon near you, go to the website of the association you have chosen and consult the list of salons. Often, they will offer you compensation for your gesture, such as a free haircut or a discount on a service!

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