Seven Tips For Styling Short Hair

In opposition to what you might think, short hair has sufficient material to permit many hairdos, from the most work of art and easy to accomplish to the most modern and worked. Whether you have short to concise, layered, square, straight, or even wavy hair, we are confident you will track down a haircut thought on our rundown. Kid hairdo, “wet look, “ultra voluminous brushing, or even frills of assorted types; here is our determination of hairstyles for your short hair. Spoiler: you will require styling items.

Adopt A Pixie Hairstyle

Do you have concise hair? Adopt a pixie hairstyle by texturizing your hair with styling products.

To do this, do not hesitate to turn to the gel. If men more traditionally use it, it will nevertheless be your asset in styling your short hair! If you fear the cardboard effect, know it is easily avoidable by using the correct dose or choosing a suitable styling gel.

The idea is then to style your hair by creating volume on top from the root, fixing a movement, or creating an unstructured effect. For example, you can easily make a hairstyle disheveled. These boyish hairstyles are easy to perform and will not let you down in the middle of the day! Finally, they are ideal if you need to learn how to style your short hair that grows back.

Slick Your Hair Back

This time, skip the gel and turn to wax to slick your hair back. Be aware that resin is ideal for texturizing the hair, giving it a shiny, natural, even slightly wet effect. However, be careful of the overload and the greasy effect if you put too much of it, so use it with moderation! For a slightly more aerial look, especially if you have slightly longer hair, opt for hairspray by applying it exclusively to the roots.

A slicked or glossy effect can quickly enhance your short hair by giving it a different look. And above all, it is a very trendy hairstyle. Besides, if you want to push the trend further, go all out for the “wet look” (“wet look”) by texturizing all of your hair with wax and smoothing it backward. This look is perfect if you have a short bob or pixie hair. Elegance guaranteed!

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Change Your Cut For The Pixie Cut

To style her short hair, nothing sometimes beats a slight change of cut. We just told you about the pixie cut. But what exactly is this cup? Asymmetrical, it is characterized by a clear neck and a long lock or fringe on the front. The classic version of the pixie cut usually also involves short hair on the sides.

And it is flexible and customizable as desired, with short tapered bangs, long bangs that fall over the eyes, or even a lock that comes across the forehead. In addition, to reinforce the asymmetrical side and style your pixie cut, you can deport the parting of your hair to the side. Also, feel free to give it a punk edge by slicking your hair back with gel or wax.

Take Your Time With Blow-Drying

To boost your short hair, remember the brushing! Blow-drying will give volume to your hair whether you have a quick, long, or layered square. However, you will need a good hair dryer and a little time in front of you to get an excellent brushing. Then you know the principle: work through slightly damp hair, strand by strand, using a round brush.

You can do several bushings on your short hair according to your preferences. You can first opt ​​for a classic, smooth brushing which always has a negligible effect. Second option: you can achieve a voluminous blow-dry using a finger-dry, upside down, to remove the roots well. A texturizing spray based on sea salt will be ideal for finishing your hairstyle. Finally, you can also choose a wavy brushing which is just as pretty on short hair as on long hair.

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Go all out on curls and waves

Who says short hair can’t wear beautiful, well-shaped curls? Besides, if you have naturally frizzy or curly hair, you know it doesn’t take much to show off your curls. Indeed, a dab of styling or nourishing hair product will do the trick. On the other hand, if you have straight hair, take your curling iron to form curls or a wavy, without forgetting to fix the whole thing with hairspray.

Since your hair is short, the weight of the lengths will be much less likely to make your hairstyle fall! If you’re not a fan of the curling iron, you can make very tight braids or tiny buns in the evening before going to bed that you will remove the following day to reveal your curls. Whatever the method used, they will promise you a natural mane full of volume!

Wear The Bun Half Up

You may have already achieved these hairstyles in your hair. It is indeed the mid-high bun or the mid-high ponytail. Simple to achieve, these hairstyles are just as practical because they allow you to keep your hair back, particularly on the top of the head. They are also efficient for short layered hair that would not fit in a bun or a classic ponytail.

In addition, the half-bun is perfect for a sportswear style … But not only! Tie your half-bun with a large silk, printed, or colored scrunchie, and it will be the highlight of your hairstyle. As for the half-ponytail, tying it firmly with an elastic on the top of your head will stretch your look and give you the effect of a facelift for the time of a hairstyle. Free, what’s more!

Play With Accessories

The advantage of accessories is that they come in many shapes. Barrettes, bobby pins, headbands, scarves, bow ties, jewelry… Your short hair will quickly become your favorite playground! Accessories will set the tone of your look by styling your short hair.

And the accessory of the moment is the barrette! It comes in all sizes, all shapes, and all colors.

The trend: the side barrettes. It consists of putting several bars exclusively on one side of the hair. And above all, don’t hesitate to abuse the barrettes by mismatching them: excess is even more trendy!

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