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Myths And Truths About Hair Growth

Our life is already a daily rush. For those people who are focused on a “Rapunzel project” in search of the dream hair, it is not easy to identify amid so much information available on the internet, on social networks, in the salon and in conversations between friends what works and what works, which has no practical effect on hair growth.

With that in mind, we have gathered in this post some of the central myths and truths about the growth of locks, based on what most circulates on the internet and in conversations with family members, acquaintances and even professionals. Plus, we’ll let you know about best practices and products that will help you in this task.

Next, you’ll find out if adding contraceptives to the shampoo makes hair grow, if stress slows it down, if cutting the ends makes the locks appear faster and if, among other information that circulates by common sense, pulls the white wires prevent others from appearing in the place.

Finally, the text presents the main options for home treatments – such as scalp massage, egg-based mask and natural oil moistening – to make the hair grow. Interested in the topic, aren’t you? Start reading right now and ask your questions about this vital subject!

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What Are The Central Myths And Truths About Hair Growth?

Watching your hair grow is a concern for many people. However, with so many common-sense beliefs, it isn’t easy to understand what is effective in promoting hair growth. Therefore, we have separated some information (such as the average number of new hairs per month and stress and oily roots as villains of the appearance of new hair) to demystify myths and truths on the subject.

Hair Has An Average Monthly Growth Rate

True, but this is relative. Under normal conditions, all hair grows one to two centimeters per month. However, this growth is influenced by several factors, such as genetic predisposition, state of the wires and scalp, and adequate levels of nutrients in our body, which promote the health and growth of cables.

Adding Birth Control To Shampoo Makes Hair Grow

Myth. Although some people believe that the estrogen contained in contraceptives influences hair growth, this practice does not have the desired effect. This is because the shampoo does not absorb the hormone in the pill to act directly on the locks.

There is even a risk of damaging your hair, as the association of these substances can change the product’s chemical composition, destabilizing its original formulation.

Stress Hinders Growth

Truth. The body reflects our emotional state. By triggering a series of physiological reactions in the body, stress can reduce or even paralyze the hair growth phase – known as the anagen phase, accelerating the telogen phase, which is responsible for hair loss. Therefore, always invest time to enjoy pleasant moments, making your favorite programs. Have fun; happiness is contagious and has no contraindications.

Food Can Influence Growth

Truth. It’s no use investing in quality products and following a hydration, nutrition and reconstruction routine if you don’t eat properly. For hair to grow strong and healthy, have a balanced diet rich in nutrients, such as vitamins C, D, E and iron. A healthy diet associated with good products has been proven to give more shine and health to the hair, ensuring beautiful hair.

Removing The Ends Regularly Makes Hair Grow Faster

Myth. Trimming the wires to maintain the shape of the cut and remove split ends and sparse does not accelerate or reduce growth. Performing this maintenance procedure will not affect your “Rapunzel Project”.

Pulling The White Strands Prevents Others From Growing In Place

Myth. The occurrence of gray hair is a natural process; there is no way to avoid it. The appearance of gray hair is related to a reduction in melanin production. Plucking the white threads does not prevent other equally white hairs from being born.

Massaging The Scalp Helps With Growth

Truth. Massaging the scalp is an excellent way to stimulate blood circulation in this area, which also aids in healthy hair growth. To obtain this effect, massage the scalp with the fingertips for about ten minutes, especially if the message is in line with Bioplex Soft Hair Tonic, which enhances the results of hair growth and strengthening.

A good tip is to associate this practice with hair wetting to treat the hair while doing a neat massage. Coconut oil is a highly recommended option for efficient wetting.

Braiding Wires Accelerates Their Growth

Myth. Many people think that braiding their hair often can accelerate their growth, but unfortunately, this is not the case. Braiding is an excellent resource for waving hair without using heat sources. However, it does not interfere with the growth of locks. Extra tip, which also works for ponytails and buns: don’t pull the wires too much. Excessive traction can cause breakage and even fall. So, be very calm at this time.

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What Are The Home Treatment Options For Hair Growth?

So far, you have already understood what true and false information about hair growth is. However, the question remains about the options for home treatments to increase the number of new hairs. So, we separate three tips for you to apply at home, either with a scalp massage or with a refreshing moisturizer with castor oil.

Get A Scalp Massage

Massaging the scalp is one of the main tips for anyone who wants to have big hair. In this sense, you should always do a massage when washing the locks (or even on dry hair, once a day), taking the fingertips to the scalp in circular movements. The habit helps to improve blood circulation, which facilitates the growth of new wires.

Moisten With Castor Oil

Castor oil is an asset extracted from the castor bean, also known as Madureira or carrapateiro, a product with medicinal action that has high power to hydrate and protect the skin. Therefore, the substance, which can be found in beauty manufacturers, is indicated for those who need to increase hair growth.

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