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These Seven Mistakes Every Woman Makes When Blow-Drying Her Hair

Bet you make at least one of these hair dryer mistakes regularly?

We look so gorgeous after a visit to the hairdresser mainly due to the professional blow-drying technology with which our hair is brought into shape. They then have a silky shine, are wonderfully voluminous, and the hairstyle lasts like a bomb.

But at home, after a shower, the disillusionment comes: Instead of blogger waves, only curls of chives, and the volume doesn’t work anymore. The reason could be THESE hairdryer errors:

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Too Hot Too Quickly

To save time, the blow dryer is set to full throttle, and the still-wet hair is blown through with full heat. Not correct! Because this way you can permanently damage your hair. When the hair is wet, it is susceptible to heat.

Professional Tip: First, squeeze the hair out in a towel (do not rub!) And then blow-dry it with cold air until it is almost dry. Only then set the temperature up and blow-dry the end.

No Heat Protectant When Blow-Drying

“I only blow dry my hair for a short time because I don’t need a heat protection spray” – not true! Because even with blow-drying, the hair is exposed to heat and strained. Therefore, it is essential to use a heat protection product for your hair every time you blow-dry. This ensures shine and keeps the hair healthy.

Styling Products Applied Incorrectly

Do you apply heat protection and volume spray before you blow-dry and wonder why your hair looks flat and lifeless again after blow-drying? Often it is because the spray is sprayed incorrectly.

Professional Tip: You should spray the heat protection evenly and with sufficient distance (not too close!) On the still damp hair and then distribute it well with a comb. On the other hand, Volume sprays should constantly be sprayed onto the base. To do this, separate individual sections of hair, hold them up, and then spread onto the roots with a bit of space.

The Hairdryer Is Lousy

There is an acute hairdryer emergency in many bathrooms, whether it is a travel hair dryer without temperature control, a cheap version, or an ancient model. You need a high-quality blow dryer for the hair to look like the hairdresser after blow-drying. New models are equipped with controls for temperature and strength and various attachments so that the hair is not stressed so much.

Professional Tip: Get a hairdryer with an ion function. This prevents the hair from becoming statically charged.

The Wrong Brush

Not every brush is suitable for blow-drying your hair. To conjure up the volume in your hair, you should use a round brush and gradually blow-dry the hair sections over it. Make sure that the brush size fits your hair length. The shorter the hair, the smaller the brush.

Professional Tip: Round brushes with wild boar bristles are ideal for blow-drying. Make sure, however, that you blow-dry your hair with cool air before you work with the meeting.

The Wrong Direction

Many of us do not pay attention to which direction we are holding the blow-dryer when blow-drying with round brushes. The result: the hair becomes roughened, frizzy, and, in the worst case, even tangles in the meeting.

To prevent this from happening to you (anymore), always make sure to hold the hair dryer so that the airflow runs in the direction of the brush. This gives your hair a nice shine and makes it easier to style.

Hot Air Only

Most of us only use hot air when blow-drying. Not only can this mistake damage the hair substance, but it also makes the hair look dull.

Professional Tip: Follow the cold-warm-cold rule when blow-drying. First, blow-dry the hair with cold air, then blow dry with hot air over a round brush and let it cool down with cold air. Only then pull out the meeting. The cold air seals the hair and gives it a nice shine.

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