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How To Find The Proper Hair Treatment For Your Hair Type!

Are you annoyed about frizz, lack of volume, or electric hair? Put an end to it and finally discover the proper care for your hair type. Do the test!

Finding the right hair conditioner is sometimes like finding the holy grail. Hardly anyone has ever seen this one mysterious cure that has an almost magical effect – although so many advertising promises claim it.

But that’s because every hair type benefits from a different care regimen. Therefore, it is essential to know which hair treatment is the best for your hair – and that can be completely different from what you have always assumed. You can find our hair treatment test below!

Fine Hair

Many moisturizing cures achieve precisely the effect on fine hair that we don’t want: The hair appears dull and limp. This is because many rich regimens weigh down the hair. On the other hand, fine hair benefits from products that make it more grippy, as this gives us more volume in the hair. Outstanding Agents need to do keratin because our hair consists of a large part of this protein.

Broken Hair

Brittle hair and split ends are problems many women are all too familiar with. Unfortunately, hair that has already been broken or split open is irrevocably damaged – so only a visit to the hairdresser will help. However, if you don’t want that, because you want to let your hair grow or because the split ends keep coming back anyway, you don’t have to despair: There are ways and means to at least seal your hair.

Even if it sounds anything but healthy, silicones can be a real blessing. Yes, silicone is demonized because it weighs the hair by attaching itself to it. But research does not support a standstill. There are now unique water-soluble silicones that seal the ends of the hair without being deposited on the hair.

Brittle Hair

Brittle or curly hair often looks dull and lifeless, and to top it off, there is often frizz. The cause of this is usually severely damaged hair. Too much heat, too much friction, and chemical color change ultimately leave their mark. Therefore, cures are essential to give the hair a healthy and silky shine again. It is best to use highly moisturizing treatments for brittle, unruly hair.

Moisturizing oils help with damaged, dry hair, making it easy to make hair treatments for brittle hair yourself. You can find the best recipes here.

Hair That Becomes Greasy And Flaky Quickly

With a sensitive scalp, there are several hair problems: The hair becomes greasy very quickly, the scalp itches, and quite often, there is also dandruff in the hair. So here the motto is: Rinse out excess oil and exfoliate the scalp.

Take The Test: Which Hair Treatment Is The Right One?

The choice of hair treatment doesn’t just depend on the problem you want to get under control. After all, other factors such as exposure time, effort, and ingredients also play an essential role. But so that you don’t have to stand perplexed in front of the shelf in the drugstore. Take the test and find out which hair treatment is proper for you!

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