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Coloring: On Clean Or Dirty Hair?

This is a question that many women ask themselves before taking the step of coloring, and whether it is vegetable or chemical! Can you wash your hair before coloring? Can an oil bath be made beforehand to hydrate them? The questions are many! You should know that the coloring process dehydrates the hair fiber. It is essential to protect it well by choosing the appropriate care and respecting the times of shampoos. So to have no more hesitations on this subject, we reveal all our advice to prepare your hair well before coloring.

Why Is It Better To Color Dirty Hair?

First, be aware that color will take just as well on dirty hair as on clean hair. But in general, it is advisable not to shampoo before coloring. In other words, wait to wash your hair until coloring! Thus, the sebum will have time to spread well over the lengths and roots, forming a natural protective barrier. Likewise, this advice is valid if you have oily and fragile hair.

Even if you find them very dirty during installation, keep them in this state! However, if you have used a dry shampoo, an oil, or other silicone-rich products, you can make a very mild silicone-free shampoo the day before to remove all residue. Indeed, the latter will make fixing the color more difficult.

Also, be careful if you have made henna that contains metallic salts. They are incompatible with coloring! This will cause a reaction between the elements and cause hair breakage. It is preferable to wait for the total regrowth of the hair so as not to weaken them.

On the other hand, you can completely color or bleach after 100% pure and natural henna.

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How Long Before Coloring Should You Wash Your Hair?

Before making your dream color, it is important to prepare the hair. And that requires taking some precautions. To guarantee a very good hold of the pigments, we advise you not to shampoo during the 3 days which separate you from the dye. However, you can ignore this delay if you choose vegetable coloring. The composition is much healthier, and sebum production is not obligatory.

On the other hand, the day before the color, you can make a clay mask to purify and detoxify your scalp by eliminating all the chemical residues from your previous colorings. The pigments will also have an easier time setting. Leave the mask on for 10 minutes on wet hair and rinse with lukewarm water! Finally, leave the air dry. To further sublimate your hair, consider doing an oil bath 1 week before coloring. This will give the hair all the nutrients it needs and strengthen it!

Opt for ultra-moisturizing oils such as avocado, argan, coconut, or olive oil.

When Should You Wash Your Hair After Coloring?

The mistake not to make is to wash your hair immediately after coloring. Indeed, the shampoo will attack your color and further dry out the hair that has already been treated! The color needs time to settle properly on the hair fiber. It is, therefore, advisable to wait at least 24 hours after coloring before doing your first shampoo to avoid loss of color intensity.

This is especially true if you opt for vegetable dye. The pigments take even longer to settle!

In addition, the choice of care is very important to keep the radiance of your color as long as possible. A mild shampoo will therefore be your best ally for washing your hair gently!

Also, bet on masks, moisturizers, and oil baths to deeply hydrate and repair your hair.

Should You Wash Your Hair Before Bleaching?

Bleaching is a process that bleaches your natural hair color to lighten it up to eight shades below. It is often used on dark hair, like black, which will turn light brown, and brown hair, which will turn blonde. So as with coloring, it is best to take a shampoo break before bleaching. To protect your scalp and length, we recommend allowing two shampoo sessions to pass. Although, generally, bleaching does not irritate the scalp, it will add an extra layer of protection between the hair and the bleaching agents.

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