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15 Powerful Tips For Losing Weight

If you want to get rid of fat pads and extra pounds, you need the right strategy. Our weight loss tips show what it can look like.

Finding excellent tips for losing weight is not that easy. Although the formula for losing weight is quite simple: If the body receives less energy than it consumes, the pounds drop. Therefore, the aim of a sensible slimming strategy must be to reduce the energy supply rationally – and increase energy consumption. How does it work? The best way is to mix a conscious, low-calorie diet and an individually tailored exercise program. Our weight loss tips can help you systematically lose pounds now and stabilize your desired weight permanently.

Remain Realistic

Six kilograms less in ten days? Unfortunately, that does not work. Do you plan with brains: You want to lose five kilos permanently? Then you should plan around three months for this – because a weight reduction of about 500 grams per week is realistic. This shows: Losing excess weight is not a lightning bolt action but a long-term matter.

Keep Records

Make a note of what you eat and drink throughout the day. Analyze your eating habits – as honestly as possible. Do you often find soda, burgers, frozen pizza, chocolate bars & Co. on the note? Do you often eat on the side and under time pressure? Or do you have so much stress that you usually do not even notice how much you are eating? There are starting points for rethinking.

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“Crash” And “Turbo” Are Bad Tips For Losing Weight

It would help if you kept your hands off lightning, crash, and turbo diets. Because in practice, they usually mean: first starve drastically for a while, to return to the starting weight shortly after the end of the diet. In the worst case, you end up adding even more pounds!

Weekly On The Scales

If you want to lose weight, you have to keep an eye on your weight to see if the strategy is right. Rule of thumb: step on the scales once a week, always on the same day at the same time.

No Strict Prohibitions

Forget diets that prohibit certain foods – or even entire nutrient groups such as fats or carbohydrates. Such diets bring frustration at best and nutritional deficiency at worst.

Reaching Out To Fillers

Complex carbohydrates found in abundance in whole grain cereals, for example, ensure lasting satiety with their high fiber content. After two slices of wholemeal bread with a lean topping, you are guaranteed not to be hungry again so quickly. Protein is also great for filling—the reason why scrambled eggs with lean ham, for example, is a good dinner.

Bet On Green

Low in energy and rich in valuable vital substances – fruits and vegetables are the stars of every diet. It is best to access it five times a day!

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Do Not Condemn Fat

“Fat makes fat,” they say. But fat is not just a fattener. It is a flavor carrier and a significant supplier of nutrients. Essential fatty acids are even vital and must be supplied to the body through food. They are found in high-quality vegetable oils but also in fatty sea fish. Therefore, fat should never be removed entirely from the menu. However, it is essential to limit fat consumption to a reasonable level and exercise caution, especially with meat, sausage, and fatty cheeses. Good to know: Fat is also hidden in countless finished products, from cakes to potato chips.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Zero calories, zero sugar: water is an ideal thirst quencher, whether carbonated or not, whether from the supermarket or the tap. Drink a glass of water before every meal. That fills the stomach a bit so that a smaller portion is usually enough to fill you up.

Chew Slowly

Faster eaters overtake the body in its digestive work. Because the stomach needs a specific time before it releases satiety hormones. Whoever eats slowly and consciously chews every bite gives the body the chance to signal in good time when it is complete. Rule of thumb: Take at least 20 minutes for the main meal.

Eat regularly

If you eat again and again throughout the day, you will almost inevitably get fat. Constantly reaching into the refrigerator should be taboo. It is good, for example, to enjoy three main meals a day and allow digestion to rest in between. But snacks are also allowed if they are healthy, small snacks at fixed times (for example, one piece of fruit, 1 skimmed milk yogurt).

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Leave “Light” On The Left

Light products are by no means consistently low in calories. Some contain less fat but more sugar. Such sham packs can hardly save calories. The use of artificial sweeteners in light products is also a problem: They unbalance the insulin level and lead to cravings. Therefore: do not take light products uncritically. Always look at the label!

No Soft Drinks

Cola, iced tea, soda & Co. – sweet drinks make you twice as fat. On the one hand, conventional soft drinks are real calorie bombs in themselves. In addition, sweet drinks can dull the sense of taste. This increases the desire for sweet and, therefore, high-calorie foods. Good to know: Even healthy thirst quenchers such as apple and grape juice are high in calories. Therefore, avoid fruit juices when losing weight or at least dilute them heavily with water.

Support From The Pharmacy

Systematic weight loss can be facilitated by quality-tested products from the pharmacy, for example, filling sources and fiber supplements. To enter into a long-term diet, one formula diet may be suitable. The powder concentrate, mixed with water or skimmed milk, can replace one or more main meals. Particular medicines can help anyone who is seriously overweight. Before taking, however, the following applies: Get advice from your doctor or pharmacist. Both experts are sure to have tips on losing weight that will take into account your situation.

Get Moving

The bad news: Want to lose weight permanently and sit on the couch all day – they don’t go together. The good news: Everyone can get moving, thereby optimizing fat burning and restoring fitness. A lot can be done in everyday life to get the body going – such as taking the lunch break for a walk, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, taking the dog for a walk, working in the garden, or shopping by bike.

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