9 Fashion Tips To Hide Your Little Belly

It happens to everyone to have a slight belly. Although this detail is not severe, it can be annoying, especially for some demanding women. Fortunately, hiding a slight belly with a few tricks is possible. Here are our nine best tips to get there.

Wear Shaping Panties

It’s a little miracle trick that works every time as long as the belly is not too massive. Many celebrities wear shapewear panties. These panties, which rise to the belly level and enclose it to reduce its volume, are made of elastane, which gives this garment comfort and elasticity. However, make sure that the shapewear panties are not too tight so as not to feel too much discomfort.

Choosing The Right Materials For Your Clothes

Depending on the fabric it is made of, your garment does not fall on you similarly. Thus, it would help to avoid clothes that are too close to the body and stretch clothes that bring out all shapes, including small curves in the stomach and waist. Synthetic fabrics tend to stick to the skin, which is the opposite effect of what is intended. So, choose dresses in natural fabrics rather than skaters that help camouflage your little belly.

Wear Dark Colors

Very light and shiny clothing is not recommended if you are trying to hide your little belly. On the contrary, these colors emphasize the reliefs and curves, unlike the dark and dark colors that mask them. So wear navy blue, black, or other dark colors that hide the details you don’t like.

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Prioritize The Length

Too short tops can accentuate the aspect of the slight belly because these immediately focus the gaze on the center of the body, particularly the belly. Conversely, the longer your top is, the more the slight belly is attenuated and hidden. You can, therefore, wear tunics that run above the hips and long shirts.

Lengthen The Silhouette

A slight belly can very well be reduced or hidden if you wear clothes that make your figure look more stretched. By wearing a V-neck t-shirt or sweater, long clothes with vertical stripes (predominantly not horizontal), or zippered tops, your little belly will be much less visible.

Wear High Waisted Pants

Low-waisted pants should be avoided if you have a stomach because they make your bulges and stomach more visible. High-waisted pants, on the contrary, help hide them. Wear high-waisted pants and pair them with a top that falls relatively low, such as to the middle of the hips. In addition to being fashionable, this outfit hides your belly perfectly.

Favor Straight And Flared Cuts

Clothes with straight and flared cuts are perfect for those with a belly that sticks out a little. These outfits are in tune with the times, and you can find stylish pieces. Straight cuts work very well for dresses, skirts, or even pants. Do not hesitate to adopt these outfits to no longer be complex by your belly.

Smock The Tops

You can make your top blouse by tucking it into your pants or skirt. Then, create volume by pulling lightly and letting the top, whether a shirt, sweater, or t-shirt, be relaxed to fall away from the body. The volume thus created appears natural and elegant, preventing your little belly from being too visible.

Wear Heels

Heeled shoes are magical accessories for hiding the belly and all other curves. The heels, by raising the back of the foot, give the body a particular posture that makes it appear more slender and leaner. The belly is almost invisible, especially if you combine the shoes with a suitable outfit, such as a straight or flared top and high-waisted bottoms. However, you are not required to wear stilettos, which is impractical. You can opt for minor or square heels, creating the same effect.

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