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Finally Slim! Lose Weight Successfully With These Eight Tips

Losing weight successfully is straightforward – provided you know how to do it. Here are eight simple tips to help you lose weight properly.

Three pounds, 10 pounds, or 20 pounds: losing weight is difficult. And it can also be frustrating when the pounds you lose are on again immediately after the diet. The culprit: the yo-yo effect that strikes when we’ve been on a lightning diet and have eaten very little for a few days.

If we then fall back into our everyday eating habits, we gain weight again as quickly as we lost weight. So constantly stringing up diets and counting calories in frustration is not ideal for losing weight in the long term: Losing weight properly looks different.

We spoke to Antje Gahl from the German Nutrition Society ( DGE ) to prevent that from happening. The expert gave us tips on how to lose weight properly:

To keep your dream weight permanently, you have to change your diet. Eat more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and low-fat products and less fast food and sweets.

Sounds easy, but it’s not. We have already made many good resolutions, but then the ice cream was so tempting, the pizza, the fastest dinner and the nachos in the cinema were simply part of it. Low Carb Diet, HCG Diet, Food mad Diet, … You have tried all kinds of diets, but the pounds remain? Do it right this time! With these eight tips, losing weight finally works!

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Lose Weight The Right Way – Tip 1: Set Small Goals

At the beginning of a diet, we are highly motivated, significantly when the pounds drop off very quickly. But after a week or two, it doesn’t work that fast. Antje Gahl from DGE: “Set yourself realistic goals when losing weight. 1/2 or a maximum of 1 kilo per week is feasible. You can manage 2 to 3 kilos per month.”

You should say goodbye to the idea of ​​losing 3 kilos in 3 days or 15 kilos in 6 weeks if you want to lose weight correctly and in the long term. These are empty promises of lightning diets, which are also highly unhealthy for the body.

In short: be realistic – and stay calm. Just because a diet worked for your best friend doesn’t have the same effect on you. The idea that it is enough to go without sweet or fatty foods or do a little sport is a typical mistake in thinking when losing weight.

Lose Weight Properly – Tip 2: Slow Weight Loss

To lose weight healthily, it is essential to eat as varied as possible. Because only with a balanced diet is it guaranteed that the body is supplied with all necessary nutrients. “Eat no less than 1,200 kcal a day if you want to lose weight,” advises Antje Gahl from the DGE. You lose weight with the amount but give the body everything it needs.

Your tip for low-calorie dishes that keep you full for a long time: Combine meat, fish, or dairy products with salad, vegetables, and fruit. Whole-grain foods also fill you up for a long time. Here we show you more low-calorie fillers!

Lose weight successfully with these foods:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Legumes
  • Lean dairy products
  • Full grain
  • Lean fish
  • Lean meat

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Lose Weight The Right Way – Tip 3: Do Not Put Up Prohibitions

No chocolate, no cake, chips, pizza, or alcohol are also canceled: We are pretty strict with ourselves when it comes to losing weight. Not a good idea. Suppose we impose strict prohibitions on ourselves and forbid any food containing too much fat, sugar, and thus unnecessary calories, sooner or later. In that case, our old friend, the cravings, will come by.

Antje Gahl from DGE: “Avoid strict prohibitions. Instead, introduce flexible controls. It works like this: You don’t forbid yourself completely chocolate, but allow yourself one bar a week,

Lose Weight Properly – Tip 4: Change habits

Changing habits is difficult – especially when losing weight. No more quickly putting a chocolate bar on the belt at the cash register, buying a massive portion of popcorn in the cinema, eating chips in front of the TV in the evening, or getting a piece of cake in the afternoon.

Don’t try to get rid of all habits at once. That frustrates and doesn’t have to be. Find a replacement or create a balance. In the cinema, the small portion of popcorn that you share is enough. The chocolate bar can be once a week, but not with every purchase, and the cake is only available on special days. It often helps to find other ways to avoid temptation.

Lose weight Properly – Tip 5: Regular Meals

If you want to lose weight, you should eat regularly. It starts with breakfast. Antje Gahl from DGE: “With the daily breakfast, you avoid low performance and cravings. If you are not hungry, you should drink a juice or a glass of milk and have a real breakfast later.”

Three or five meals? Decide for yourself. In science, opinions differ on this topic. It is essential that you regularly eat a large meal in the morning, at noon, and in the evening, filling and satisfying. Whether you have another snack in the morning and the afternoon depends on whether you are hungry or not. It’s not that complicated. Eating healthy can be so easy.

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Lose Weight Properly – Tip 6: Avoid Cravings.

Cravings are the most insidious enemy of losing weight. You cannot avoid it entirely, but you can ensure that it strikes as rarely as possible.


  • Eat regularly
  • Breakfast in the morning
  • Have fruit and crispbread with you as an emergency snack
  • Don’t make strict prohibitions, but rather allow small amounts of chocolate and fast food and enjoy the meals

What else can you do when you feel hungry? Here are 13 food cravings tips that will help.

Lose Weight Properly – Tip 7: Find Eating Triggers.

Stress, anger, boredom: there are many reasons why we eat. Hunger is only a tiny part of it.

Observe yourselves for a few days and note when and why you eat. With this knowledge in mind, you change your habits. If you tend to eat stressful food, you take regular relaxation breaks. Boredom eaters should become more active and look for new hobbies or do more with friends.

Incidentally, thirst is often misinterpreted as hunger. Result: Instead of drinking a glass of water, you eat something and consume unnecessary additional calories. In addition, if dehydration persists, our metabolism goes down on the back burner to save water and energy. Which in turn leads to more fat being stored in the liver. Conclusion: Remember to drink enough water regularly. This is healthy, and we will help you lose weight, by the way.

Lose Weight Properly – Tip 8: Regular Exercise

If you want to lose weight permanently, there is no avoiding sport or more exercise. It starts in everyday life. Antje Gahl from DGE: “Take a 20-minute walk after lunch, do your shopping, etc., on foot or by bike and take stairs instead of an elevator and escalator. In this way, you can easily integrate 30 minutes more exercise per day into your life. ”

To do this, you should regularly do endurance and weight training three to four times a week if you want to lose weight correctly and over the long term. Pick a sport you like and set days and times for the sport. Sports beginners, in particular, should start slowly and not overdo it the first few times. Otherwise, the muscles will only sore.

Healthy Weight Loss With Home Workouts

Good sports are walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, aerobics. You don’t even have to register in the gym because you can do many great home workouts at home.

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