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Tips For Successful Fasting

Get rid of excess pounds and feel better all-round: Not only during Lent, but many people also try to do without and to eat more consciously. Eleven tips for successful fasting and how to keep the desired weight.

Some people fast at home on their own four walls, others book arrangements, for example in hotels and monasteries with offers such as “Detox the European way,” “Alkaline fasting as light as a feather,” or the “Interval fasting fountain of youth.” Fasting is possible in several ways. Whether as a complete renouncement of solid food or intermittent fasting, whether for a week or over a more extended period: fasting has many facets.

The certified fasting leader Elisabeth Rabeder from the Curhaus Bad Mühllacken, gives these tips for successful fasting for those interested in fasting.

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During Fasting:

  • Drink Herbal Tea, But Not Too Much: Herbal teas have different healing effects; depending on the variety, they stimulate circulation, stimulate digestion, or support detoxification. They should be used selectively. Two cups each in the morning and two in the afternoon are sufficient.
  • Don’t Drink Any Tea: Alkaline fruit teas for enjoyment are good. Avoid stimulating varieties such as black, green, or mate tea.
  • Drink More Water Than Tea: Water is the essential food when fasting. Drink two to three liters a day. It is necessary to drink more water than tea to support the elimination process.
  • Sleep A Lot: It is perfectly normal for you to tire more quickly or feel a feeling of fatigue while fasting. Some people have long-term sleep deficits. Give in to the increased need for sleep and treat yourself to rest.
  • Dress Warmly: Shivering and cold feet are often side effects of fasting. Warm clothes based on the onion principle are just as helpful as the occasional glass of hot water with ginger or a soup with warming herbs. A mild sauna, steam bath, brisk exercise, and foot massages heat the room and convey well-being.
  • Forget The Feeling Of Hunger: If you fast correctly, you usually don’t feel hungry because the blood contains plenty of food. However, if you think about food a lot, you will involuntarily get hungry. Against the “hole in the stomach” hydration, exercise in the fresh air and food for the soul – listening to your favorite music, reading, painting, and doing something beautiful.

After Fasting:

  • Enjoy The Food With All Your Senses: Create a feel-good atmosphere at the table – with a lovingly laid table and pleasant conversations. Postpone stressful discussions.
  • Give Your Body Food Breaks: Do not eat anything in between, not even healthy snacks such as vegetable sticks, and eat as early as possible in the evening. This stimulates the metabolism and is suitable for the body.
  • Don’t Eat Raw Vegetables After 4 p.m: Vegetables and salads are vital substance bombs but burden digestion and should not be eaten too late.
  • Bitter Makes You Slim: Most people neglect bitter substances, but they are essential for nutrition, promote fat digestion, and strengthen the immune system: Bitter plants and herbs are also enriching in culinary terms.
  • Stick To The 80:20 Rule: Do not stress your diet or make it a religion. Anyone passionate about never eating anything sweet will at some point become “inedible.” Eating means enjoying, and that also includes going overboard. Do it 80 percent right, and during this time, avoid unhealthy foods as much as possible. That’s enough.

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