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Healthy Feet Need Good Care

Our feet perform at their best every day. Nevertheless, we usually hardly pay any attention to them. However, to keep them healthy and beautiful, you should take good care of your feet.

Robust and sensitive at the same time: healthy feet can withstand a lot but can also cope with a lot – they carry your entire body weight. Although the feet are stressed every day, they have unfortunately often neglected: Most people pay too little attention to their feet in everyday life.

Three out of four German citizens said in a survey that the daily shower is entirely sufficient – more care is not necessary. But our feet are pretty sensitive. If they do not receive a little attention regularly, one day, it will become uncomfortably noticeable. Symptoms are caused mainly by changes in the skin: Rough areas, calluses, cracks, pressure points, or blisters are not only an aesthetic problem. They also cause pain and can ultimately make walking torture.

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People Walk On Sensitive Soles

The human foot is a highly complex marvel of nature. Its skeleton consists of 26 bones and bones – they provide the necessary support and, in conjunction with numerous ligaments, tendons and muscles, enable an upright gait. So that we can keep our balance on uneven terrain and walk safely on just two legs, the feet must be both very stable and highly flexible. And sensitive: over 7,000 nerve endings on the soles and toes tell the brain what the soil is like. Our nervous system reacts subconsciously in seconds and controls the foot muscles so that the body remains in balance.

Healthy Feet Need Fat

The skin on the feet is susceptible. Because it has almost no sebum glands, so it hardly produces any fat. However, this has the disadvantage that a natural protective coat cannot form from sebum and sweat. This is why the skin under the sole, in particular, has a greater tendency to dry out; rough spots, flaking, calluses, cracks, fissures, and calluses are the unpleasant consequences.

Troubled and dehydrated feet don’t just look ugly. Over time, the pain sensitivity also increases, increasing the risk of minor injuries and infections.

Pleasant And Valuable: The Regular Foot Bath

Well-groomed feet are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also stay healthy and resilient for longer. The regular care and pampering program includes a relaxing foot bath. It combines the pleasant with the useful: Enjoy the warm water for ten to 15 minutes while letting your mind wander.

Then dry the feet and the spaces between the toes thoroughly. Your feet are now perfectly prepared for protective care: First, remove keratinized areas with suitable tools such as a callus sponge. If necessary, trim your nails now – they will be softer after the bath. Make sure you cut as straight as possible so that the corners do not grow in. Round off the pampering program by gently massaging cream into the skin under the sole and on the back of the foot.

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