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Anti-Pollution: The Environment Is So Bad For Our Hair (And This Is How You Protect It)

From car exhaust to smoking industrial chimneys: the air we breathe is getting dirtier, especially in big cities. This harms not only the environment but also our bodies. Because the dirt that we live in every day pollutes the airways and promotes the development of serious illnesses, it’s not just health that suffers from the polluted air: Scientists have now found that environmental pollution also puts a lot of strain on our lives. What consequences this has for our mane and how you can protect it from fine dust and Co. – we have researched all the details on the subject.

The Study Confirms Dirty Air Damages Hair

The air we breathe is dirty and full of invisible pollutants. It is clear that this is harmful to our health – researchers from Luxembourg have now also been able to do a study to find out that the hair also suffers enormously from this stress. This may be less important than our health, but the knowledge can help reinterpret and prevent hair problems. But first things first: The scientists examined hair samples from 200 Chinese women from two different cities – Baoding and Dalian. The climate and location of the two places are similar, but the difference is the air pollution. Baoding has a significantly higher concentration of fine dust, ozone and nitrogen oxides than Dalian. The results: These pollutants were detected in the hair samples of the Baoding women and were of more inferior quality than the samples from the other city residents.

This Is How Air Pollution Affects Hair

According to the researchers from Luxembourg, the hairs in which particles had settled from the air more often showed signs of aging and tended to break the hair. In addition, environmental pollution made the mane more susceptible to damage from UV light. Korean studies also found that airborne dirt also promotes hair loss and generally slower growth. The pollutants that slowly accumulate on our hair and cause so-called build-ups also bring the scalp out of its natural balance, which in turn causes problems such as dandruff, itching, or clogged pores. The dirt also weighs down the hair, reduces its shine and suppleness, and makes it look dull and brittle.

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Anti-Pollution Care: This Is How You Protect Your Hair Correctly Against Environmental Pollution

So it’s high time to take the proper care measures. Here we explain in detail what you can do against pollutants in the air and which products prevent the associated problems:

Wash Regularly

The more sebum there is on the scalp, the more likely pollutants from the air will be deposited on it. That is why it is essential to wash your hair regularly and remove excess oil. But be careful: Excessive care is just as harmful as negligent. Because if you use shampoo and Co. too often, your scalp and hair will be deprived of natural oils that play an essential role in their protective barrier. To prevent even more problems, it is best to clean your mane every other day with mild, pH-neutral products.

Use Deep Cleansing Care For The Hair

Once a week, we also recommend using unique deep-cleansing products (shampoos, masks, or conditioners), which deeply cleanse the scalp and hair, free them from build-ups, and cover the hair like a protective shield. The mane feels clean, light, and supple again in no time.

UV Protection For The Hair

Pollutants from the air make hair more sensitive to UV radiation, making it all the more important to protect it – like our skin – from the sun daily. There are already numerous care products such as leave-in sprays or shampoos, which, thanks to unique active ingredients, form a protective film to prevent UV damage.

Special Anti-Pollution Products

Anti-pollution is no longer a foreign word in the beauty cosmos, especially in the skincare department there are already countless products that protect our skin from harmful substances. Now the hair care manufacturers follow suit and offer unique products that protect the mane from toxic substances. They help, for example, to reduce particle deposits, inhibit the formation of free radicals, strengthen the hair fibers from the inside out and conjure up a supple shine.

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