This Is How Often You Should Change Your Hairbrush

The hairbrush is used every day, with long hair, the bristles have to be freed from it. But at some point, even a thorough cleaning is no longer enough. This is how often you should clean your brush.

Made of wood or plastic, with natural bristles or plastic ones – hair brushes come in all shapes, colors and materials.

Especially high-quality branded brushes can quickly become quite expensive. Once you have bought such a copy, you often do not want to part with it.

Unfortunately, every hairbrush has to be replaced sooner or later for hygienic reasons – after a year at the latest. Some experts even recommend a change every six months.

Bacteria and germs are to blame for this, which settle between the bristles over time and cannot be eliminated by simply removing the torn-out hair.

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Extend Brush Life

The first trick to prolonging the life of the hairbrush is to limit its use. So you can get a second brush and then, for example, only use one in the morning and the other in the evening.

In this way, the accumulation of germs is at least somewhat delayed. But even in this case, you should change the brushes after a few months.

You can also achieve a longer service life and, at the same time, safer use in everyday life if you clean the brush regularly. Which method is most suitable depends primarily on the material of the bristles.

The dirt and sebum residues can be removed from plastics with soapy water; a gentle shampoo is recommended for natural materials.

All brushes should also be regularly cleaned of hair that collects here. A wide-toothed comb can do a good job.

When Is It Time For A New Brush?

It is challenging to prevent germs from settling on the bristles and in the tiny spaces between them, damaging the hair despite thorough cleaning.

It’s often difficult to pinpoint exactly what causes dandruff or brittle strands, but the dirty brush contributes. Ultimately, it’s just not worth taking that risk.

Therefore, changing the hairbrush should be just as natural as changing the toothbrush, which is due to be replaced after three months.

A hairbrush to contribute to a healthy mane is not just about hygiene. It begins with the purchase decision, which should not be solely based on aesthetic aspects.

If you looked at the bristles under a strong magnifying glass, you would see notable differences: some strands look more like the tip of a knife, with which you don’t want to maltreat the scalp.

Incidentally, whether you use natural or synthetic bristles is a secondary question; the tips should only be well rounded so that they glide nicely through the hair and gently massage the scalp.

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