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What Is Birch Sap, And How Is It Used To Purify The Body Of Toxins

To purify the liver and kidneys of accumulated toxins, let us rely on birch sap, a natural remedy that is excellent for our health. Birch sap is a precious health elixir extracted from the pendulous birch tree, also known as silver birch, during the spring period. When the plant brings nutrient-laden water to young leaves, exactly this liquid, the lymph, boasts unique properties for the well-being of our body, thanks to the antioxidants and trace elements it contains.

The water extracted from the plant is, in fact, rich in vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, zinc, copper, and manganese, is low in sugar and calories (less than 20Kcal per 100ml of product), and instead contains saponins, compounds also present in soybeans, which have high cholesterol-lowering power. That is, they lower bad cholesterol naturally. But the most exploited use of birch sap is detox, as drinking a glass of it on an empty stomach every morning helps detoxify the liver and kidneys from accumulated toxins, which helps keep our general health good.

In particular, the detoxifying treatment based on birch water is recommended in periods of change of season and when the body is in a period of particular stress. The birch sap that we find on the market in Italy comes from the forests of Northern Europe or Eastern Europe, especially Bulgaria. You can buy it in the well-stocked supermarkets, in shops selling organic products and homeopathic remedies, in some herbalists and pharmacies with an area dedicated to food. It is also easily found on the internet on specialized sites.

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How Is Birch Sap Used As A Cleaner?

Birch sap should be consumed on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning as soon as you wake up, pouring about 100 / 120ml into a glass, or mixing it with water and fresh fruit juices. It can also be combined with the breakfast smoothie, replacing the milk, but for a better detoxifying effect, it is preferable to drink the pure lymph, at least during the first two weeks of treatment.

It is good to plan 30/50 days of treatment for an optimal detox effect. After a month, we can continue to consume birch sap without fear of side effects. We were even drinking it not on an empty stomach but using it as vitamin water to hydrate the body—a beneficial use during the hot season.

What Does Birch Sap Do To Our Body?

The purification of the body of toxins also has positive effects on our beauty, not only on the internal health of the organism. After 2-3 weeks of treatment, we will begin to notice a reduction in body fat, water retention, and therefore also cellulite, as we will see healthier and shinier skin and hair.

Those who suffer from uric acid stones can also integrate birch sap into their diet, which helps to destroy them and cleanse the kidneys well, thanks to the diuretic properties of this liquid. It is not unusual to experience the desire to urinate more frequently during the weeks of treatment, nor to experience a mild headache in the first few days, a symptom that the detox has an effect.

Although birch sap is a safe, natural remedy, we ask our GP if it can interact with any following treatments.

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