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What Is The Process That Goes Through Heart Surgery?

Heart surgery or open-heart surgery is a kind of surgery where the chest is opened for performing surgery on the valves, muscles, and arteries of one’s heart. Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) is a standard heart surgery done on adults.

The surgery starts with grafting (attaching) a healthy artery or vein to a blocked coronary artery/vein. This lets the grafted artery “bypass” the clogged artery and allows fresh blood to flow into the heart.

Usually, the clogging of blood vessels is seen in other parts of the body. Still, the situation becomes more complicated when the clogging is in the arteries or veins directly connected to the heart. Only well-trained and experienced surgeons can operate this type of complication.

Only the best heart surgery hospital in Bangalore has the necessary medical devices and experienced surgeons to perform the surgery. They will also let you know about the pre and post-operation routine to follow.

But, what is the process of heart surgery? And, what are the things one must follow before, during, and after the operation? If you are confused about the procedures, this article will help you understand the complete process in brief. Read on to understand more about open-heart surgery.

What are the reasons for open-heart surgery?

People are developing different types of cardiovascular diseases every year, and the reasons are primarily because of bad lifestyle, poor diet, lack of exercise, pollution, etc. Heart surgeries are performed for several reasons, including:

  • To replace or fix heart valves, allowing blood flow throughout the heart
  • Fix damaged or abnormal regions of the heart
  • To put medical devices that support the heart to function properly
  • Replace a damaged heart with a donated heart

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What is the process of open-heart surgery?

A CABG or coronary artery bypass graft usually takes six hours. The process involved in this operation can be listed as below:

  • General anesthesia is the first step in this process. The surgeon ensures that the patient is asleep and pain-free throughout the operation.
  • The next step is the incision (of the chest). About an 8 or 10-inch cut is made on the chest to perform the surgery.
  • The surgeon exposes the heart by incision.
  • Once the heart is visible, the heart-lung bypass machine is connected to the body.
  • The machine removes the blood from the heart so the surgeon can operate on it.
  • The available new vein or artery is used to make new paths around the clogged artery.
  • After restoring the blood flow, they use wire to close the flesh (stitching).

How to prepare for heart surgery?

Usually, the patient gets the list of things to do pre and post-surgery. Try to consult a surgeon from the best heart surgery hospital in Bangalore because only then can you assure the best guidance, treatment, and medication.

Things are somewhat similar to other standard surgeries, such as:


  • No smoking before surgery
  • No alcohol
  • Eat healthy food only
  • Workouts (not intense)
  • Decrease stress levels.


  • Proper medication
  • Rest
  • No intense activities
  • Good diet
  • Mind and body relaxation
  • Take an extended leave from work

One must follow these things to have a successful surgery and easy recovery post-surgery. The physician will explain the diet and exercise regime, or the team will have a dietitian for you. Following their direction will result in easy and fast recovery.

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