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The Best Skincare Routine To Follow After 30

After turning 30, our skin still looks young but is less resistant to cosmetics unsuitable for our skin, makeup residues, or sleepless nights. Even the most efficient creams are no longer enough. How should you take care of the skin that needs to fight the arrival of wrinkles? Here is a serious and correct routine that we all deserve. You will discover how to slow down the aging process and keep the youthful look of your twenties.

How Is Your Skin At 30?

During the 30s, the skin is aging, but it still doesn’t let go. Unfortunately, this process is unavoidable because the skin’s level of collagen and estrogen decreases. As demonstrated, skin after 30:

  • Loses elasticity
  • It is not very elastic
  • It is no longer resistant to external agents
  • It gradually loses its healthy appearance, vitality, and hydration

A gradual decline in estrogen slows collagen and elastin production in the skin, two fibers that prevent sagging skin and keep it in perfect condition. As a result, skin tone has worsened over the years.

During the 30s, the skin loses the ability to repair its cells. Cell renewal slows down year after year, causing wrinkles to appear, slowing down the healing process, and preventing the skin from remaining toned like a few years before. To make matters worse, the skin loses moisture quickly due to the weakening of its protective layer.

Things To Know: How Do You Take Care Of Your Skin In Your 30s?

1. Removing The Makeup

Removing makeup thoroughly is very important. Makeup residues are one of the causes of the appearance of wrinkles! They speed up aging by disturbing the repair processes, attracting impurities, and stimulating oxidative stress. The makeup prevents the skin from removing dead cells. Try to find the best makeup remover, and always ensure your face is clean before bed.

2. Cleansing

Cleansing is an essential step for all ages. Clean skin, free of dirt and dead cells, repairs itself more efficiently and absorbs more. In short, the cosmetics’ nutrients act better, giving a more intense effect. Start with a gentle foaming cleanser packed with soothing ingredients and vitamins, and use a scrub at least once a week based on your skin type. Remember to use the cleaner even in the evening after removing your makeup.

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3. Toner

A face toner allows the skin to breathe a sigh of relief: it soothes irritation, calms the skin, and balances the pH, restoring the ideal acidic pH. A skin toner after 30 should be rich in nutrients; you can replace it with floral water, but make sure it is rich in antioxidants. Rose water and lavender water are ideal.

4. Use Good Serum Before The Cream

Did you know that serum is an essential cosmetic after 30? Choose it carefully, making sure it is suitable for your age, skin type, and needs. Even the most reactive skin needs a serum. Use a hyaluronic acid serum in the morning, and opt for a more advanced serum to slow down the aging process in the evening, making sure it’s rich in vitamins C and E, collagen, or coenzyme Q10.

5. Hydrate, Nourish And Protect

Over time, the skin’s protective functions weaken, while the lipid layer is damaged, causing a faster loss of hydration. A low level of hydration causes a faster appearance of wrinkles. This is why it is essential to control the lipids and hydration level and prevent hyaluronic acid hydration loss.

Your face cream should be rich in emollients, which form the skin’s protective lipid barrier. Use an oil-rich cream or add a drop of a natural oil you like (such as jojoba oil or argan oil ) to your cream before applying. Other examples of emollients are mineral oils, silicones, and waxes.

An excellent cream to use after age 30 should also be rich in substances that stimulate collagen and elastin production. Remember that it is essential not to leave the skin unprotected from UV rays! Your day cream should be rich in a high SPF, possibly an SPF 30.

6.Good Eye Cream

Eye cream is not essential in your 20s but becomes necessary after you turn 30. The delicate skin around the eyes ages faster, so you have to help it: a good eye cream tones the skin, delays the appearance of wrinkles and eliminates puffiness and dark circles. The perfect ingredients in eye creams are caffeine, caviar, coffee, coenzyme Q10, vitamin E, cucumber extract, and white and green tea extracts.

Which Face Is Cream Best Suited For The 30s?

Daily Face Creams For Skin At 30 Years Old

Your day cream should contain emollient ingredients to maintain hydration (natural oils) and SPF, but also protective, soothing, and beautifying ingredients, including vitamins and plant extracts (parsley, sea buckthorn, milk thistle) that possess a potent moisturizing effect.

Night Face Creams For Skin At 30 Years Old

Your night cream should be richer in repairing substances that beautify the skin and intensify the repair processes at night. Opt for creams rich in coenzyme Q10, collagen, retinol, and natural oils rich in omega acid presiozi, flavonoids, and plant sterols with a repairing and anti-aging effect.

Which Face Are Masks Recommended For Use After The Age Of 30?

The skin in the 30s needs more powerful products than those you used in the past. Replace your face masks and buy products that nourish the skin, revitalize it, are rich in vitamins, etc., and use them at least twice a week. Try a mask for the evening, ideal for skin at 30, as the ingredients have all night to nourish the skin and make you wake up more rested and beautiful.

Which Face Scrubs Are Recommended For Use After The Age Of 30?

Your face scrub should perform an additional function: in addition to removing dead skin cells, it should provide nutrients and revitalize the skin to keep it in perfect condition. This is why these products are based on fruit acids and can brighten your skin and even out its tone. An illuminating enzyme scrub must be rich in fruit acids, and it is essential.

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