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10 Tips For Well-Hydrated Skin

Do you feel your skin is like the Gobi Desert more than a Garden of Eden? It feels tight and lacks flexibility and comfort. Look no further; chances are she’s dehydrated. To remedy this, the solution is in one word: water! Uriage gives you 10 valuable tips for well-hydrated skin.

Hydrates Your Skin From The Inside

start with the beginning. To avoid dehydration, you need to stay hydrated. Said like that, it’s disconcertingly apparent, and yet… water is a constituent element of our skin. One of the best ways to provide our skin with the water it needs is to drink plenty (minimum of 1.5 liters per day) and regularly throughout the day.

Exfoliate And Cleanse, The Basis Of Good Hydration

If hydration from the inside is essential, that from the outside is very useful too. But before moisturizing your skin, remember to cleanse it thoroughly and exfoliate it. Concretely, cleanse your skin morning and evening with a gentle cleanser, such as micellar water adapted to your skin type, which respects its protective film. On the scrub side, not too much is needed! The idea is to remove dead cells to stimulate cell renewal gently. Once a week, apply a gentle exfoliation with micro-beads or an enzymatic exfoliant. Don’t forget to finish this weekly routine by using a moisturizing mask to help your skin reform its hydrolipidic film.

Adopt A Moisturizing Morning And Evening Routine

Who says hydration, says moisturizing care morning and evening? In the morning, apply your moisturizer after thoroughly cleansing your face. If your skin is particularly dehydrated, do not hesitate to use a serum, a real hydration booster, under your day cream. Not only will your skin be hydrated and plumped, but it will be completely ready to receive your makeup! In the evening, moisturizer is essential to help the skin regenerate overnight. Moisturizing cream or even moisturizing mask like the Night Water Mask in case of advanced dehydration, listen to your skin!

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Pamper Sensitive Areas

In our moisturizing routine, we do not forget to insist on the fragile areas of our face, susceptible to lack of water. Eye contour and lip balm are your essential allies for a fresh look and a radiant smile!

Water For My Skin, Spa, Please

Adding water to moisturizer is good. Thermal Water is even better. Thermal Water has multiple benefits, starting with prolonged skin hydration, protecting, soothing, and hydrating. Enriched with Thermal Water, all moisturizers are specifically formulated to profoundly and durably moisturize your skin.

Hydrate Without Forgetting To Nourish

Our skin needs to be hydrated (water) and nourished (lipids). The famous hydrolipidic film can thus do its job: keep the water in our skin while protecting it from external aggressions. For this reason, so-called “oily” skin can be completely dehydrated. To combine these two needs, the easiest way is to apply a moisturizing treatment in the morning and an enriched, more nourishing treatment in the evening,

Adapt Hydration To Your Skin Type

To hydrate the skin properly, it is essential to respect your skin type and its degree of dehydration. Normal to combination skin will prefer a light cream, while dry to dehydrated skin will prefer a rich cream. If you have fair skin or spend time outdoors, opt for a moisturizer with built-in UV protection!

Tend To A Healthy Lifestyle

Moisturizing your skin does not dispense with protecting it from external or internal aggressions. Tobacco, pollution, alcohol, temperature changes, limestone, stress, etc., the factors of dehydration of the skin are numerous. Being aware of them and vigilantly avoiding them will help you keep your skin well hydrated.

Hydrate Your Skin Differently (Mist)

Does the application of a cream or a mask bore you in advance? Know that there are care products with a more playful application to promote hydration of your skin, with textures with innovative sensoriality.

Combines Hydrated Skin And Sublimated Complexion

If the radiance of your complexion concerns you just as much as your skin’s hydration, know that there are turnkey treatments. The new Beautifying Water Treatment not only profoundly hydrates the skin but also acts on the signs of fatigue while illuminating and enhancing the complexion. In short, your skin will be well hydrated with a healthy glow in one beauty gesture!

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