Six Reasons For The Dull Skin

Anyone who thinks that pimples are only found during puberty is wrong. Because environmental influences are often to blame for our skin getting out of balance.

Everyone desires a fresh and clear complexion, but few are naturally blessed with it. Most people suffer from skin during puberty, but adult women also often struggle with blackheads, pimples, and a sallow complexion. However, in your 20s or beyond, it is not straightforward to reconcile – and it does not have to be!

There are ways to get beautiful skin. To do this, however, you have to know the causes of your skin problems.

Bacterial Hotspot Number

Your Hands

If we were to pay attention to how often we put our hands to our faces, we would probably be shocked at the number. Furthermore, in doing so, we constantly touch veritable bacteria catapults in everyday life. Whether smartphone or keyboard – millions of bacteria often cavort here, which we then transfer to the face via our fingers, where they can multiply undisturbed and cause impurities.

Poor Diet

Alcohol, sugar, wheat, and dairy products – are all suspected of having adverse effects on our skin. They are said to cause the blood sugar level to shoot up and promote sebum production and inflammatory processes. If you do not believe that, you can test it out and change your diet for a few weeks. The results should speak for themselves.

Negative Environmental Influences

Free radicals in the air are entirely ordinary, so our skin can deal with them well at first. It becomes problematic when these get the upper hand, as is the case with air pollution, for example. Then they attack our skin cells uncontrollably. The result is that our skin becomes dry, loses elasticity, and wrinkles form.

In order to protect the skin from free radicals, our body needs antioxidants. We are lucky, however, because we can record them twice. On the one hand, internally, via nutrition – vegetables, herbs, and natural oils not only help with weight loss – and on the other hand, externally, for example, via creams.

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Remedy: Anti-Pollution Cosmetics

The so-called anti-pollution cosmetics curb atmospheric skin ageing caused by UV rays or air pollution. When free radicals hit our skin, oxidation occurs. As a result, tissue damage occurs in our skin, which our body cannot completely repair. So it is essential to protect our cells from this tissue damage. This is what anti-pollution cosmetics do by relying on antioxidants.

Antioxidants cover our skin like a protective film and ensure that free radicals are less reactive. This protects our cells from oxidation. Less cell damage occurs, which slows down the skin ageing process. Our skin stays plump and fresh for longer.

UV Rays

First of all, excessive sunlight causes our skin to age faster. Sufficient sun protection should therefore be mandatory anyway. Nevertheless, on top of that, sunlight also increases sebum production. Our skin tries to protect itself from radiation and produces more fat. This can make pimples and blackheads appear more frequently.

There is also an increased risk of skin discoloration around new sites of inflammation. The solution: only sunscreen can help.

A Big Problem: Stress

It is always said that the eyes are the soul’s mirror, but it is the skin. It shows right on our faces when we are stressed, not sleeping, or grieved. Not only do we look tired, but sebum production is also stimulated. The result is stress pimples!


Besides bad skin on their face, anyone who suffers from hair loss or pimples on their back should have their hormone balance checked. It may be out of balance. Then even the best products will not help to get a grip on these sources of inflammation. Impure skin or so-called (late) acne occurs particularly frequently in women after stopping the pill. On the other hand, a visit to the doctor can quickly remedy the situation.

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