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Castor Oil For Skin: How Good Is The Natural Beauty Booster?

Beauty products with purely natural ingredients are currently trendy and high on the must-have list: castor oil. We will tell you how castor oil works as a skincare product and how it is used.

Facial oils are becoming increasingly popular. In contrast to ordinary creams, they care intensively, provide a lot of moisture, and are therefore considered a natural beauty miracle against dry skin. The best: Natural care oils are also true all-around talents.

For example, castor oil. The oil can be used as supple extra care for the hair and is even said to strengthen eyebrows and eyelashes. Even dry facial skin should benefit from natural care. We will tell you here how best to use castor oil for the skin, how the oil affects the skin, and what you should pay attention to when buying the oil.

What Is Castor Oil?

Castor oil is obtained from the seeds of the castor plant, which mainly grows in tropical regions. Its high-quality active ingredients make the oil so popular for skin and hair. Cold-pressed castor oil consists primarily of ricinoleic acid and is rich in vitamin E and valuable fatty acids. The care effect of castor oil on the skin is auspicious. It not only provides the skin with intensive moisture but is also said to improve various skin problems.

Castor Oil As Anti-Aging Care

Castor oil is known for its oxidative effects. Applied to the skin, it protects against harmful environmental influences and thus prevents premature skin ageing. But when it comes to anti-aging, the oil has even more to offer: It is also said to boost the production of collagen and make the skin appear firmer overall. With regular use, castor oil is said to fade age-related pigment spots. The excellent care is extra for dry, mature skin.

Castor Oil For Impure Skin

Those who struggle with pimples, blemishes, and a shiny complexion usually prefer to avoid facial oils. However, not every oil clogs pores and aggravates oily facial skin. The ricinoleic acid contained in castor oil has an anti-inflammatory effect. It is said to improve impure skin. Acne scars can also be kept supple with the oil and should appear less noticeable over time.

By The Way: You can also use castor oil to care for scars on other body parts. The oil intensively cares for the uneven area and, with regular use, makes the fault appear smoother over time.

Castor Oil As Skincare: How To Use It

If you feel like using the special oil for facial care, it is best to apply it in the evening. Of course, the oil can also be applied to the face in the morning after washing, but it takes quite a while until it is completely absorbed and is therefore not an ideal make-up base.

This Is How The Application Works:

In the first step, remove dirt and make-up from your skin. After cleansing your face, rub a few drops of the oil between your palms and spread it gently over your facial skin. You can work the oil into the skin with circular movements. Wash off with cold or lukewarm water the following day.

Tip: The oil offers the perfect opportunity for a more extensive beauty program with the jade roller. With the excellent stone, you can massage the product into your skin and stimulate blood circulation in your skin – for a fresh, rosy complexion.

Castor Oil For The Skin: You Should Pay Attention To This When Buying

It doesn’t matter whether it’s for skin, hair, or eyelash care: If you want to use castor oil as a beauty product, you should make sure when you buy it that it’s cold-pressed or native oil. Oils are hardly heat-resistant. Many of their unique active ingredients are lost if they are obtained in any other way. Also, choose an organic quality oil free from pesticides and chemical fertilisers.

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