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Makeup And Your Skin: Let’s Talk About It!

Is makeup terrible for the health of your skin? Some effects may be harmful depending on the products chosen and your habits. But it is possible to reconcile makeup and health. Explanations.

Makeup And Your Skin, Best Enemies?

The market for beauty products continues to grow, making makeup one of the world’s most popular and profitable investments. However, on the health side, the subject is divided… Many scientists thus recommend using cosmetic products that are as “least chemical” as possible. In addition, applying makeup regularly has more or less long-term side effects on the skin, regardless of the quality of the components used.

Makeup Products: What Effects On The Skin?

We are not all equal when it comes to makeup products! Indeed, depending on our skin’s (sometimes unsuspected) sensitivity, skin reactions are diverse and appear more or less quickly. Dryness of the skin, irritations, acne, elimination of the superficial layers of the epidermis in thin strips (desquamation) or even, in extreme cases, allergic reactions ( redness, patches, heating, etc.) are among the most common manifestations of the effects side effects of makeup on the skin.

And for a good reason, these different products, by dint of being applied, prevent the skin from breathing correctly and clog the pores. Consequently, absorbing these different substances as much as possible makes the skin dehydrated and loses its comfort or becomes acne-prone. An effect that is all the more harmful when, in parallel, moisturizers are insufficient.

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Makeup: Beware Of Toxic Components!

Faced with the existing offer in makeup products, it is increasingly challenging to choose and identify the best products suited to your skin… and the only possible minor chemical!

It is, however, the criterion on which it is necessary to be particularly vigilant: the harmful effects of the toxic components present in specific makeups do not impact only the skin. They can be found in all organizations. Many substances are particularly toxic and dangerous to our health, even if they are present in minute quantities. We can cite here :

  • Cadmium is a bluish-white metal found primarily in powder and cream eye shadows developed by many brands. This toxic product is, however, associated with severe pathologies by the World Health Organization ( WHO ), such as kidney failure.
  • Benzophenones. Essentially present in lip balms, foundations or varnishes, these chemicals are conducive to more or less strong allergic reactions.
  • Parabens. C is considered a potential endocrine disruptor; they are nevertheless found in many cosmetics, such as lotions or conditioners.
  • Lead. Despite its dangerousness (it enters the bloodstream, risking causing neurological disorders, infertility and cancer), it is found in most lip products (lipsticks, pencils and glosses), mascaras, eye shadows and cheeks.

Reconciling Makeup And Skin Health

Beyond the choice of products used, limiting makeup (for example, by not wearing makeup every day) is one of the best responses to maintaining the health of your skin. Your epidermis will breathe and regenerate better.

Makeup: Which Products To Choose?

Before making your choice, read the labels of each makeup product in detail. Choose those that contain ingredients of natural origin. Whenever possible, it is better to use organic and non-comedogenic makeup (in other words, which does not clog the skin’s pores and is therefore not conducive to the formation of imperfections).

In addition, note that specific treatments can limit the harmful effects of makeup products :

  • Protective care and moisturizer. Before applying any makeup product (such as foundation), use a moisturizing and protective base. It moisturizes your skin and limits its drying out, tightens your pores and refines your skin texture.
  • An exfoliating and detoxifying treatment/mask. To reduce the “suffocating” effect of your makeup products, take the time to moisturize your skin regularly and continuously. They will allow you to eradicate the last residues of the foundation while eliminating your dead cells.

Makeup Removal: The Step To Remember!

Who says makeup? It also says… makeup removal! An indispensable and essential step, especially before bedtime. Indeed, your epidermis also benefits from this time of rest to regenerate. If you forget to remove your makeup at night, your pores will remain clogged, and rashes may appear.

Depending on your skin type, your skin must be perfectly cleansed using makeup remover lotions, gel or foam. To know if your makeup removal is complete, you can pass cotton soaked in water on your face: if it remains white, it is a successful makeup removal!

We Summarize…

  • Contingent upon their parts, cosmetics items can make many harmful impacts, even dangerous, on your skin and well-being.
  • Pick many items, however, in light of elements of regular beginning.
  • Kindly don’t agree to cosmetics alone; consolidate them with lotions and skin health management items to restrict the consequences for your skin.
  • Avoid wearing cosmetics consistently to allow your skin to inhale and recharge itself.
  • Give as much time as necessary to the fundamental stage of eliminating cosmetics.

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