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Lose 10 Kilos Without Sacrificing: This Is How It Works With The Desired Weight

You want to lose 10 kilos, but you have no idea how to do it without giving up? We’ll tell you how you can finally lose excess weight and lose weight in the long term.

If you set yourself the goal of losing 10 kilos, you have made quite a difference. But to do this, you have to free yourself from all diet promises. Promises like “lose 10 pounds in just four weeks” are, on the one hand, not realistic and, on the other hand, very unhealthy.

Instead, what you need to achieve your goal is an elaborate plan. Two words should become your mantra if you want to lose 50 pounds: patience and discipline.

Losing 10 Kilos In The Long Term Is Only Possible With A Change In Diet

Of course, it would be great to get rid of the extra pounds as quickly as possible, but it is also worthwhile to think about how long it took to put the pounds on – that didn’t happen overnight either.

The goal is not just to lose 5 kilos, 10 kilos or more, but to permanently get rid of the kilos. Only a change in diet and more exercise can help.

Keeping A Food Diary Will Help You Lose Weight

The first step on the way to a new, slim body feeling is to take stock of the current state. Where are the weak points in the previous diet? Which calorie traps am I falling into? And which food I can’t do without despite my desire to lose weight. The easiest way to analyze this is with the help of a food diary, either handwritten or digitally as an app.

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Lose 10 Kilos Without Completely Giving Up

Prohibitions and complete renunciation of favourite foods lead to notorious food cravings. In doing so, you usually don’t just throw all your resolutions overboard for one meal but often lose all motivation. There are so many situations – whether in everyday life, because of boredom or in moments of stress or frustration – in which eating is the easiest solution for many people.

The secret to sticking with it is recognizing the bad habits and learning how to go against them to reach your dream weight finally.

Getting Rid Of Bad Habits In Everyday Life: The Five Best Tips

  • Eat properly only three times a day and defeat hunger with a maximum of two healthy snacks between meals instead of nibbling around the clock.
  • When going out to eat: Pay attention to the quantities and use light dishes such as salads or tomato sauce instead of cream sauce.
  • Cooks fresh instead of buying ready-made meals.
  • You can’t do without the pizza? Then choose the smallest size and have a large salad with it.
  • The following applies to cakes and the like: If you can’t resist eating, you will only eat a small piece instead of a large portion.

Weight Loss Tips For Frustration Eaters

First, you miss the train. Then you pour coffee over your trousers. The job duties meet more bored than with joy as flirting, and you also have been an eternity no more.

Sometimes you get the feeling that the whole world has conspired against you and one wants to only be on the sofa under the Escape from the ceiling and eat chips and chocolate. Chocolate and other sweets are known to help against almost everything. Not correct! After all, the goal is to lose 10 pounds, don’t let yourself be dragged down.

The Solution:

In the case of frustration and anger, a conversation with friends or family usually helps, in which you can get rid of the frustration – as trite as it sounds at first. But there are other good ways to deal with frustration:

  • Relaxing exercises (e.g. yoga) help focus on yourself and block out the world.
  • Clear your head: drive away from the frustration with a challenging workout in the studio or on the running track. (After that, it’s even more comfortable on the sofa.)
  • Doing without chocolate is torture? Setting limits helps: Instead of eating a bar of chocolate a day, spread the chocolate portions over a whole week.

Weight-Loss Tips For Boredom Eaters And Those With A Sweet Tooth

For many people who get bored quickly, eating is almost a hobby. Others have a sweet tooth, for whom sweet or greasy treats are authentic luxury items. These behaviour patterns like to go hand in hand and make you a dull sweet tooth. As a reminder, chips and chocolate should also be recorded in the food diary. Don’t lie to yourself!

The Solution:

Put an end to it! There are so many beautiful things to pass the time. And by the way, you can even incorporate movement into the process.

  • Take a walk or do a lap around the block.
  • Talk to friends or family on the phone.
  • Outside on the balcony or in the garden, let your green fingers work (gardening also burns many calories, by the way).

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Weight Loss Tips For Stress-Eaters

Everyday life is often characterized by stress. It’s just stupid that many tend to reduce stress with food.

Sure, some people cannot eat anything when they are stressed. In the end, however, this may lead to the fact that you eat far too little overall and that your body gets completely confused as a result. Or you shovel huge fast food meals into yourselves.

The Solution:

Regardless of which group you belong to, try to eat regularly and balanced, it is better for weight and health. If you want to lose 10 kilos, you should also consider what is good for you. Help yourself to control your eating behaviour better. Then you will no longer fall into the wrong food traps.

  • Put everything edible nearby so that you don’t unknowingly reach into the open bag.
  • It is best to replace chips, chocolate and the like with healthier alternatives such as fruit, vegetables and nuts.
  • Get used to preparing your meals. Meal Prep lets you choose precisely what you eat.
  • I am trying to find the source of the stress. If it’s up to you, you can rethink your time management.

Achieve The Goal: Lose 10 Kilos – And Do It Permanently!

Anyone who wants to lose weight has probably already tried one or the other diet. Lightning diets deliver the most significant promises of fast and high weight loss. It is far too easy to be impressed by such fairytale promises.

You may even succeed in the beginning and lose a few pounds, but then the infamous yo-yo effect follows, and the pounds come back as quickly as they were lost. To lose weight permanently and maintain the desired weight, a change in diet helps in the long term.

Lose 10 Pounds: Tips For A Healthy And Balanced Diet

If it is now 5, 10 or 20 kilos that you want to lose, the best way to get there is to change the nourishment. With the food diary, you can already recognize the weak points and know what you are eating. The task now is to eliminate the weak points.

Re-Weight The Composition Of Your Meals:

Get used to eating vegetables at every meal. Specifically, build your warm meal around the vegetables. Reduces the pasta and meat portions in favour of vegetables. If you think you don’t like vegetables, you should take the time to try all the vegetables, individually and in combination – you are sure to find something delicious after all.

Regardless of whether you want to lose 10 pounds or not, everyone can adhere to these guidelines. Especially people who have been trying to lose weight for a long time are completely confused by the many tips and hints that they should think back to. Take your time losing weight and set yourself smaller goals first.

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A Little Tip:

The drinks are often forgotten. Juice, soda, coffee with sugar and even beer after work are little fattening foods. Alternatively, drink water and make coffee and tea less sweetener.

Avoid “empty calories” like fast food, fat, sweet bits and white flour in general. Instead, go for wholesome foods that keep you full longer and also provide essential nutrients. If you feel overwhelmed and you still eat a burger, that’s not too tragic. Try not to let these exceptions become a habit.

Our Bread & Pasta Taboo?

In times of trending diets like low carb, carbohydrates are the big enemy. Right? No, you shouldn’t demonize the carbohydrates that pasta and bread provide. The only problem is the so-called “simple carbohydrates” found in sweets, light pasta, bread, rice and other white flour products such as cakes or fast food.

These foods should only appear in small quantities and rarely on the menu. However, there is nothing wrong with the complex carbohydrates found in whole-grain bread, whole-wheat pasta or brown rice.

Immediate Measures For A Change In Diet

As is so often, breakfast falls by the wayside in the morning because it has to be quick. So that you can at least have a bit of breakfast, you can quickly get that sweet piece of cake from the baker on the way. But that is precisely one of the bad habits that should no longer be part of your life if you want to lose 10 pounds.

There it is again, that discipline …

Lose 10 Pounds: Nutrition Tips For Breakfast

Get used to sacrificing 15 minutes of your morning for sugar-free muesli; whether you eat it or prepare it to take away doesn’t matter.

The so-called overnight oats are also popular and delicious, as the name suggests, and they can also be prepared the evening before. The main thing is not to randomly stuff empty calories into your mouth.

Nutrition Tips For Lunch

The same goes for the lunch break. It is worth preparing lunch at home instead of choosing between a sad salad or a schnitzel with fries in the canteen.

So you know exactly which foods you are eating, and it usually tastes better. This makes it easier for you to keep an eye on your diet and get closer to your desire to lose 10 kilos.

Diet Tips For Dinner

Dinner should also not come from the freezer or the delivery service in the form of a pizza. A light meal with lots of vegetables, some fish, or meat and potatoes are good options.

If you don’t feel like cooking in the evening, you can also eat a filling of low-fat quark with delicious fruits. A slice of wholemeal bread with some cheese and a few radishes tastes good too.

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Lose 10 Kilos In The Long Term: It Has To Click In Your Head!

One thing must be clear to everyone who wants to lose weight: You have to use more energy than you take in.

Therefore, it ensures more movement in everyday life. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. Cycle to work or get off one train station earlier and walk the rest of the way.

Exercise can be beneficial. If you don’t do any sport, you can try jogging first, if you are not ready yet, then start with daily walks. Ideally, a real workout, whether at home or in the gym is not essential.

The only important thing is that you swing your hooves and move. With the resulting muscle build-up, the afterburn effect can help melt the fat deposits.

Make Yourself The Hero Of Your Story!

Anyone who has decided to lose 10 kilos wants to redesign their body. Defining this goal alone is the first step. But many people who dream of finally shedding those annoying 10 kilos are intimidated by their desire.

As if the goal of “losing 10 pounds” was a kind of magical hurdle that only the fairy tale heroes of the dream world could overcome. No more – make yourself the heroine of your story, and you will achieve your goal!

An Important Note At The End:

An active lifestyle with a balanced diet and plenty of exercise is still the best way to stay fit and achieve or maintain a healthy weight.

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