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Mole Mapping: How It Works And How To Recognize Those At Risk

Shape, symmetry, color, and size are the main characteristics to keep under control in moles. Thanks to the mapping, we can carry out a thorough and preventive check. Let’s see how it works. The in can be fascinating and sensual, particularly the typical stereotype of beauty to have one above the lip. They are not only synonymous with charm and mystery. They also often send us signs about our health. That is why a periodic check (at least once a year) for moles should always be carried out.

Furthermore, the exposure to the sun must not be excessive: in our country, there are warm and sunny places, Foggia is no less important, with its mild temperatures characterized by hot and sultry summers. With the sun beating down, the moles are unsafe, and the control must be stricter for adults and children. To facilitate the task and have an accurate and thorough screening, dermatology comes to our aid. One of the recommended visits, if we have many moles, is the one that involves mapping.

The evaluation carried out by the dermatologist consists in monitoring the moles by observing their shape, symmetry, edges, color, and size. The objective of the mapping carried out with minimally invasive means is to prevent or identify any atypical neoformations, harbingers of possible skin cancers.

What Are Moles

Moles, commonly known as moles, are dark-colored patches that appear on the skin due to the accumulation of melanocytes, the cells that produce melanin.

There are two types of moles:

  • Congenital: when they are present from birth;
  • Acquired: if they appear in the course of life.

As long as the shape and color remain unchanged, we do not have to worry. When we notice a small change, it is good to consult a dermatologist who will proceed with a thorough check Following The ABCDE rule. The acronym indicates the characteristics to pay more attention to:

  • Shape asymmetry
  • Edges if they are irregular or jagged
  • Iridescent color
  • Larger and larger dimensions
  • Evolution in a short time of the shape, size, or color.

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What Is The Mapping Of Moles?

In addition to booking a visit to a dermatologist, the exam does not involve special preparations. In general, to make the dermatologist’s job more accessible, it is advisable to take some precautions. Women should show up without makeup or nail polish. For men, it is best to thin out the beard or mustache to make the underlying skin visible. In general, it is better to communicate to the specialist if there have been cases of melanoma in the family. The visit to the dermatologist allows you to create a sort of map of the moles present on our epidermis, noting size, shape, and color.

After the first visit, the following will serve to control the evolution of those already identified and establish the appearance of the new ones. The mapping begins with a naked eye check of the epidermis. After having made the patient sit on the couch, the specialist proceeds with the nude eye examination of the skin by observing the moles present. If the dermatologist identifies some suspiciously shaped spots, then he will decide to carry out thorough inspections.

There are two methods for analyzing this type of moles:

Manual dermatoscopic examination: using a full magnifying glass, the doctor observes the stain accurately. The machine allows to examine the skin surface and the states underneath that could not be seen with the naked eye;

Digital video dermatoscopy: in this case, the dermatologist analyzes the epidermis with a fiber-optic camera connected to a computer that allows an in-depth investigation. The high-resolution images are saved through computerized systems. The doctor will have the mole structure available to analyze suspicious lesions, vascularization, and pigment reticulum and then submit it to histological examination in case of doubts about the nature of the stain.

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