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3 Tips To Dry Your Hair Quickly

Do you lack time to carry out your brushing in the rules of the art? Adopt our three tips to be perfectly styled at high speed.

1. Ultra-absorbent microfiber

Thanks to a dense weave of fabulous polyester fibers, its absorption capacity is incomparable. It sponges a maximum of water from the hair without having to rub. This prevents the formation of split ends and limits breakage and frizz.

The right thing to do: wrap your lengths for a few minutes without tightening them too much, or squeeze them delicately.

2. A drying accelerator

Applied to the lengths and ends, these innovative products reduce drying time because they contain light and volatile silicone. This separates each hair fiber and evaporates on contact with heat, leaving a light protective sheathing veil. Therapeutic oils of amla, coriander, or apricot can complement formulas to strengthen and heal the hair.

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3. A 2-in-1 hairdressing device

Practical, it dries and styles the hair in the same gesture. The most sophisticated models have a ceramic coating that optimizes heat distribution and helps moderate the temperature. Most are also delivered with several brushes (rotating round, flat straightening, or root remover) that adapt to all your hairstyle desires.

Pro tip: pre-drying makes all the difference

Your hair must be 95% dry before shaping. Otherwise, the ends will be sensitized by multiplying the brush strokes on the strands. To save time, separate your hair into different sections, then work in strands no more comprehensive than the appliance, from the nape of the neck to the top of the head. To obtain more volume at the roots, pass the brush in the opposite direction of the implantation.

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