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Finally Jogging! With These 5 Tips, You Will Get The Running Fever

Every second person in your circle of friends jogs, and you want to get started finally, but you can’t turn the corner? With these tips, it is guaranteed to work!

Jogging is without question the most popular sport during the warmer months. Understandably, there is nothing better than being in the fresh air, getting a little tan while jogging and simply running away from the stress of everyday life. Another plus: jogging costs nothing, and you are not tied to time.

However, there is a small catch: Those who have not dared to jog often struggle with their inner weaker self initially. He whispers in your ear concerns that you are not fit enough, does not know how to do it and that it is much more comfortable on the sofa anyway.

Listen away! Here are the five best tips for anyone who finally wants to put their good jogging resolutions into practice:

Set Realistic Goals

If you haven’t done any sport in ages, you should start jogging slowly and not immediately expect that you can easily reach 5 km. Otherwise, after the first run, you will be exhausted and frustrated. It is better to start with very short jogging stretches and take breaks from walking in between: jogging for 5 to 10 minutes, then walking for 2 minutes.

With a fitness tracker, you can keep a close eye on your successes, and providers such as Fitbit also have targeted training programs ready for you.

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Find A Suitable Running Route

It should be beautiful, but not too far away: Finding the ideal running route is difficult. Forest paths or fields are lovely, but not everyone has them in front of the door. If this is important to you, you should find a route that is reasonably accessible by bike or car. You shouldn’t have to drive too long. Otherwise, the long drive quickly serves as an excuse not to go jogging.

You can also go running in your neighbourhood. Then make sure that you choose times when few people are around. Nothing is more annoying than having to avoid passers-by and run in the slalom constantly.

A little tip: If you don’t have an excellent running track nearby, you should join a running group. She has fixed appointments. You have a little peer pressure and then go there more than running on your own.

Create A Training Plan

Fixed dates are the best way to get regular jogging. It’s best to put two or three appointments per week in the calendar. Always leave one day in between. The body needs a break. However, set charges and how long you want to jog and your jogging and walking sessions are. For example, follow the plan for the 5K run above. He tells you precisely what you have to do. Adjust it to your condition.

Go Shopping!

Do you still have a pair of sports shoes? They may be enough for your first jogging attempts, after which you should buy proper running shoes. Get advice from a specialist shop. Which shoe is perfect for you depends on your feet on the one hand, but also on the running route. If you run on asphalt, the shoe should have better cushioning.

In addition to running shoes, you should also buy available shirts that let the moisture out better than cotton shirts. Oh, and by the way, you shouldn’t do without sun protection either. The UV rays damage your skin even when the sky is cloudy.

This Is How You Stay On The Ball

The first laps have been run, now all you have to do is stay on the ball. Here are a few tips on how you can continue to overcome your inner weaker self:

  • Enter your appointments in the calendar.
  • Find a running partner.
  • Please note why jogging is so good for you and your body, and hang up the note to be visible.
  • In lazy moments, remember how good you feel after your workout.
  • Vary the training: run faster, sometimes slower. Change the route if possible.
  • Think of small rewards after you’ve done your activity as planned for a month.

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