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Why Does The Hair Turn White? Here Are The Tips To Hide Them

The appearance of white hair is the fear of many of us.

This phenomenon, also called “canities”, is an ineluctable sign of the passage of time … and before which we are not all equal.

Why does the Hair Turn White?

The melanin is the pigment that determines the colour of skin and hair. The more it is present, the darker the hair will be. When its production in the hair follicle is stopped, the hair loses its colour and becomes white. Canities can be total, or partial (“salt and pepper” hair), and it occurs more or less early depending on the person.

This is because melanin production is a function of age (as you age your hair turns white), but it is also linked to a hereditary factor (if your parents had grey hair early on, it is likely that you too. ).

The Causes Of Canities

  • The leading cause of hair bleaching is age. In general, the first grey hairs appear between the ages of 20 and 40. And there’s no point in pulling them out: a white hair will always grow back white!
  • A genetic predisposition.
  • Certain pathologies such as inflammation of the scalp, hypothyroidism, chronic adrenal insufficiency. Can promote the occurrence of grey hair.
  • After taking certain medications or treatments (such as radiotherapy focused on the cranial region). Alpha interferon or an anti-seizure drug, for example, can help to thin hair.
  • The environment, lifestyle, diet, smoking, stress. Can also play a role in the occurrence of grey hair.

Tips To Hide White Hair

  • There is no treatment to prevent bleaching of hair. On the other hand, vitamin supplementation would slightly slow down the process. But nothing is proven.
  • If grey hair seems to appear very early, the advice of a dermatologist may be helpful.
  • Another possible solution: hair coloring. For men or women, these colourings make it possible to camouflage the first grey hair. Choose a product specially formulated for grey hair, and do not hesitate to seek advice from a hairdresser.
  • For those who assume this mark of time, it is possible to use shampoos intended for grey or white hair: they allow to nourish the hair and accentuate its reflections.

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