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The Best Tips On How To Easily Take 10,000 Steps A Day

10,000 steps a day are almost impossible? They are not! With these tips, you too can run 10,000 steps a day and burn up to 500 calories in the process – despite a lack of time!

Out of the front door, into the car, and get to your desk – why walk when you can quickly go anywhere by car? Unfortunately, it is precisely this attitude that leads to the fact that we move far too little nowadays (not to mention the environment, for which we are not doing anything good!).

If our ancestors moved a lot more, however, we would become more and more comfortable and cozy. “Humans are built to cover very long distances. However, due to the modern way of life, movement hardly occurs in our everyday lives”, says Prof. Perikles Simon, head of sports medicine at the University of Mainz.

Initially, the 10,000 steps a day was just a publicity stunt to promote a pedometer. But now, this magical number, which is easy to remember, is also recommended by well-known institutions. The World Health Organization and many medical professionals, such as the North Rhine Medical Association, recommend that you take an average of 10,000 steps a day. But Germans walk an average of fewer than 5,000 steps a day; an average office worker only takes around 1,500 steps. It’s not that difficult to take 10,000 steps a day.

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Let Us Use This Time To Rethink & Question

Of course, currently in lockdown and in times of Corona, it is not possible for us to move freely and thus much, but it remains to be hoped that these times will give way to normality again at some point. And until then, you can practice rethinking.

Because especially this time now and the fact that we are constantly forced to rethink and reorganize ourselves, we should also use it to question everyday behaviors and habits that are often not good for us and our health. We, therefore, have a few foods for thought here that everyone can quickly implement in everyday life – a few now, some in better times after Corona.

The More Steps, The Better For Your Health

Those who exercise more often not only stay fit but also do something for their health. Because walking protects us from diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, and even dementia, in addition, joints and muscles are effectively strengthened, endurance improved, and the cardiovascular system stimulated. Did you know, for example, that just 15 minutes of exercise a day extends life by a good three years?

And by the way, you also burn a lot of calories. 10,000 steps bring about 500 calories that our body would otherwise store unnecessarily.

So-called step counters help you to know how many steps you have taken per day at the end of the day. If you expect a little more from your pedometer, then a Smartwatches is just right for you; chic models that can do a lot are available, for example, Fossil or Fitbit.

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The Best Tips For Taking More Steps In Everyday Life

Leave The Car

When the days of lockdown and home office are over, we should take action and make some good resolutions—for example, the key to do something for yourself AND the environment by leaving the car behind. Whether for work, in the city, or meeting your best friend: Get on your bike. 30 minutes of cycling are the equivalent of around 3,000 steps, and you get rid of the annoying parking lot problem.

You can also go shopping in the supermarket very quickly by bike or on foot. Tip: It’s best to take a rucksack with you or stow your purchases in the bike basket.

More Kilometers = More Steps

Is the supermarket right around the corner? No matter! Run to a supermarket farther away, even if you have to get something quickly. (Of course, this is only a tip for the time after the lockdown). The more meters you cover, the more steps you take during the day. For big weekend purchases: go twice. Then you don’t have to drag everything at once, it is easy on your back, and you can reach the 10,000 steps in no time.

Climbing Stairs Instead Of Taking An Elevator

It can be easy to integrate a portion of extra exercise into everyday life – with climbing stairs! Instead of standing on the escalator or taking the elevator, we should walk a few steps. Running upstairs stimulates not only the circulation and circulation but also ensures taut calves and thighs as well as a firm bottom. So reason enough to choose the levels in the future.

However, anyone who suffers from knee problems should not overdo it because when climbing stairs, the entire body weight rests on the kneecap. You should therefore not rise to more than three floors.

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Get Out First

Let’s be optimistic: At some point, the home office will also be over, and then we should use the “new office start” to acquire new habits. The way to work is too long to do without the bus, train or car altogether? No problem. Just get off a few stops beforehand and walk the rest of the way. Or park the car a few hundred meters away. So you can manage 10,000 steps a day despite a comfortable car or train journey and get plenty of fresh air. Great to get going in the morning.

Go For A Walk

Use the lunch break to take a walk in the fresh air. So you fill up your step account and do something good for your eyes and your back, which is quite stressful by sitting a lot.

And even after work, you shouldn’t always lie down on the couch directly – a short evening stroll after dinner is perfect. And the walk is twice as much fun for two.

Housework While Walking

Because of all the housework, you don’t even know how to get 10,000 steps? It’s simple: build the movement into your household. For example, use the ironing time and walk on the spot or take down the rubbish more often than waiting for it to overflow.

Do you find brushing your teeth so dull? Our tip: Instead of standing there, you should walk around the apartment for a few minutes. So you take a few steps just before going to bed.

An important note at the end: An active lifestyle with a balanced diet and plenty of exercises is still the best way to stay fit and achieve or maintain a healthy weight.

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