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Drink Yourself Slim! Delicious Drinks For A Flat Stomach

Belly Detox with Infused Water: With these drinks, the tummy shrinks as if by itself!

Oh yes, at 30 degrees outside temperature, such an ice-cold lemonade sounds very tempting. However, the sweet bubbling water doesn’t help our slimline. The lemonade we buy contains an excessive amount of sugar, which we can save ourselves happily.

The sugar-free alternatives, fortified with synthetic sweeteners, are not exactly ideal either. A balanced diet also includes drinks. Unfortunately, these are all too often neglected.

These Drinks Help Us Get A Flat Stomach:

Spice Up Water

Water: Those who want to do something good for themselves should drink a lot. The first choice is and remains water. This helps against an unsightly bloated stomach and also with weight loss. Ice-cold it will even really get you going.

Is only water too barren for you? No problem, give your water a delicious taste. The simplest variant is, of course, lemon juice, but how about this, for example:

  • 1 liter of still water
  • 1 slice of lemon3
  • Three leaves of peppermint
  • Two slices of ginger
  • Three slices of cucumber

If you like it more fruity, you can use three strawberries instead of cucumber. In a transparent bottle, the so-called ‘ infused water ‘ also looks great.

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Tropical Fruit: Coconut Water

Coconut water is very good for the body because it puts all the important minerals essential for a balanced electrolyte balance. Apart from that, this great drink also boosts the metabolism known to help with weight loss. A positive side effect: It just tastes great for sun, beach, and leisure.

Green Tea: Healthy All-Rounder

Green Tea is considered to be a miracle cure. The contained flavanols are said to slow down the rise in blood sugar levels after eating, and thus it also helps with weight loss. The Tea also contains vitamins C and E, as well as invigorating caffeine. A great plus point: green Tea should also protect the body from free radicals.

In the meantime, some sports fans think that a cup of green Tea before and after a workout has a positive effect; although this has not yet been proven, it can’t hurt either.

By the way: The trend to drink Matcha tea is also green Tea, just as a powder, it fits perfectly in the morning smoothie. Even those who suffer from a bloated stomach can breathe a sigh of relief because every Tea helps against this (except for black Tea). As with infants, it also works in adults Fencheltee best.

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Smoothies – A Great Drink Snack

A watermelon smoothie is refreshing and tasty. The great thing about watermelon is that it is really low in calories. As long as the smoothie is prepared sugar-free, you can enjoy it without a guilty conscience. Ingenious content: According to a study by the US American “The Journal of Nutrition,” the arginine contained in watermelon supports fat burning and, at the same time, supports muscle building.

Homemade Lemonade

Homemade lemonade not only tastes good because lemon juice also stimulates metabolism.

And this is how it works: Mix the juice of half a lemon with two tablespoons of maple syrup and a pinch of cayenne pepper and fill it up with 250 ml of still water. But be careful; because of the maple syrup, this soda has more calories than you might think.

This lemonade recipe was probably best known for the extreme fasting or master cleanse diet that supermodel Heidi Klum always does. Under no circumstances should this cure be undertaken without consulting your family doctor.

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