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Is Makeup Bad For Your Skin? The Solution To Always Have Beautiful Skin

Skin and makeup: a love story that has always lasted. Every woman loves to wear makeup, but how to do it without stressing the skin? Here is a practical guide to the small daily gestures for putting on make-up and taking care of the skin on the face.

City life, dermatitis, stress, and minor carelessness can create problems for the skin if it is not sufficiently cared for and hydrated. Even makeup plays its part in skincare, which is why we want to provide you with a precious list that contains everything you need to know to wear makeup correctly without hurting the skin of the face. There are many questions related to the use of makeup on the face; here are the most frequent ones:

  • Is makeup bad for your skin? It is not exactly true; by using good quality cosmetics, the skin of the face is protected from external factors (smog, pollution, UV rays);
  • Does makeup age the skin? That’s only true if you don’t remove your makeup before sleeping. The skin needs to breathe and be hydrated, which is why it is essential to remove make-up every night to avoid dryness and consequent premature aging of the epidermis;
  • Does makeup cause pimples? It can happen, especially if you use occlusive products. It is better to use bases that are not too heavy and pasty whenever possible.

Opt for foundation and face powders with a very light texture. Here is a mini practical guide that will accompany you in everyday makeup in the right way to cleanse the skin and keep it properly hydrated.

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Makeup: Frequency And Quantity

As mentioned, to keep the skin clean, it is necessary to use light cosmetics that do not completely clog the pores and allow the skin to breathe without clogging it. It’s possible to wear makeup every day, but it’s best to give your skin a “break” occasionally. Wear make-up when necessary and leave your skin free when possible.

Cleansing and hydrating: the first step to consciously apply make-up It may seem strange, but the first things to do to put on makeup without hurting your skin are cleansing and hydrating.

Proper daily cleansing helps protect the skin from all those external factors that constantly threaten it. Correctly cleansing the skin of the face means cleaning it of all the impurities accumulated during the day, stress, smog, and even makeup. Thorough cleansing removes the risk of skin dryness and is invaluable for removing makeup at the end of the day.

Do a delicate weekly scrub to deeply cleanse the epidermis, and take a few minutes to relax. Even make a mask to choose from according to your skin type or need: soothing if your skin is stressed by atmospheric agents, nourishing if your skin is dry, detox if you are going through a period that is not particularly balanced, energizing if you feel tired and your skin is not as luminous as it should be.

Every evening and every morning, remember to cleanse your face thoroughly. To do this, you can use Cetaphil Cleansing Emulsion, a product particularly suitable for removing makeup: it will eliminate impurities, guaranteeing adequate hydration to the skin. Wet the skin and apply the cleanser: massage gently and then rinse the skin of the face. Thanks to the Cleansing Emulsion, you will not feel the dryness often accompanying a deep cleaning.

Cosmetics: Which Ones To Choose And How To Treat Them

It’s important to choose top-quality cosmetics suitable for your skin type and fully meet your expectations, be demanding, and don’t settle for it. Always check the expiry date of foundation, blush, bronzer, powder, eye shadow, concealer, and everything you need to make you feel beautiful. Each cosmetic has a number indicating how many months you can use it after opening it. At the end of the indicated period, any unused product must, in any case, be eliminated.

It is essential to respect the expiration date of the tricks for several reasons: After expiry, cosmetics are no longer as effective as at the time of purchase; they lose texture, color and, often, even their good scent fades; Once expired, the tricks could cause damage to the skin, such as dryness, irritation, and, in the most serious cases, itching and redness; What you put on your skin is as important as what you eat.

Make-Up Brush: How To Wash Them And When To Replace Them

One thing is certain: no matter how high-quality, make-up brushes cannot remain in the make-up bag for life. Wash your makeup brushes monthly. As? Fill a basin with warm water, it mustn’t be too hot because it would risk damaging the natural bristles, and it is equally important that it is not cold because it would not clean the brushes properly. Immerse the brushes and leave them to soak for 15/30 minutes.

At this point, rinse them and gently run running water (always warm) through the bristles. Place the still-wet brushes on a cotton towel and let them dry for as long as necessary. Washing your brushes monthly isn’t enough; you need to replace them once a year. In this way, you will have brushes with always soft and clean bristles, which do not leave bristles on the face.

Remove Make-Up Every Night: A Good Habit

Don’t forget that the make-up is applied to the face and that, due to closed pores, it does not allow the epidermis to breathe sufficiently. Remove make-up every evening with the cleanser and then apply the moisturizer all over the face. Make-up is important for every woman, but exaggerating with mascara, blush, and lipstick will cover your natural beauty!

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