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Healthy Habits Of An NHL Player

In the offseason of the NHL, some players have been on break since the end of the regular season, while others have been done for just a few weeks. Instead of betting with online casino real money, many players are enjoying their time off on vacation, golfing, spending time with family, and more. With the NHL training camp right around the corner, players must stay in shape and prepare for their upcoming season.

While enjoying themselves at the start of the offseason with some unhealthy habits they likely can’t enjoy during the season, players get back into their healthy lifestyle they maintain during the season.

Most players stick to a diet, while others look to the gym and relax to prepare for the season. Below are some ways NHL players maintain a healthy lifestyle and some of the healthy habits they have.


For any athlete, a big factor in their healthy habits is a nutritious diet which varies by player. Guys like Nathan MacKinnon stick to a strict diet during the season, like replacing regular noodles with chickpea noodles, while guys like Alex Ovechkin stick to healthy options but indulge in things like diet coke.

Eating plenty of carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables, beans, and grains are key to a hockey player’s success.

These provide energy for players who are on the ice for a game or practice and for working out off the ice. Another important thing NHL players can eat is protein to help build the muscle they need for on the ice.

Whether a player is like Nathan MacKinnon, who is very strict about his diet, or like Ovechkin, who indulges in cheat meals or snacks, most players stick to some sort of diet during the season and offseason to maintain their shape for the season or upcoming season. A nutritious diet is important for playing harder and faster.


Like nutrition, exercising is an important habit that NHL players follow both during the season and during the offseason. During the season, players will do off-ice exercises as a team or solo in order to maintain their muscle and endurance so they can be game ready.

Although they get plenty of endurance on the ice, many players will do additional work off the ice to boost their chances of playing better and faster.

Also, like their eating habits, many players will take a break once the offseason starts but only for a few weeks. During that few-week break, those players are still staying active as many play golf or other recreational sports to stay in shape.

Once that break is over, players will take it to the gym to work off their vacation weight and get back into season-ready shape. While some players stick to basics like the gym and jogging, others have a strict training program/plan they stick to throughout the season and offseason.


While the offseason is meant to enjoy time away from the rink, many players skate at some point during the offseason, whether it is for solo training, hockey camps, or even pick-up games.

Da Beauty League is one such place for players to stay on the ice and stay playing ready for the season. In Da Beauty League, many current NHL players, along with some college players, form teams and play pick-up games with each other back in Minnesota, where fans can attend.

Da Beauty League donates the money they made on tickets to a few hockey non-profit organizations.

Outside of pick-up leagues like Da Beauty League, players will skate during the youth camps they are a part of. If they are not skating in a camp, other guys will skate with a trainer and work on specific skills they want to prepare for their upcoming season.

Whether it is nutrition, off-ice exercising, or on-ice training, most, if not all, NHL players have healthy habits both during the season and offseason as they want to stay in good shape and improve themselves as hockey players.

In this sense, NHL players aren’t any different than other athletes, as this is key to staying in the professional leagues.

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