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Release Neck Tension: These Tips Drive Away The Pain

The neck is stiff, and the neck hurts: tension is uncomfortable. We show you seven innovative products with which you can relieve neck tension.

Sooner or later, each of us has to struggle with neck tension. Especially people who work a lot while sitting down often suffer from aching muscles. And they not only restrict our freedom of movement but can even cause headaches.

Luckily, there are many ways to relieve neck tension, from anti-tension exercises to neck massagers to heat packs. We show you the seven most effective products for relieving neck tension and give you tips to prevent neck pain from occurring in the first place.

Release The Massage Cushion To Relieve Neck Tension

Since our muscles have often hardened due to too much stress, giving yourself a little break is beneficial. Make yourself comfortable on the sofa or bed, and lay your neck on a unique massage cushion.

Two rotating balls work the tense neck muscles like a shiatsu massage, relieving tension. In addition, the pillow heats up, and the warmth ensures neck tension is released more quickly.

Release Neck Tension With A Trigger Point Massager

Massaging your neck yourself isn’t exactly straightforward. Fortunately, you don’t have to do without a massage, even if you don’t have a masseur available. With a massage device, you can quickly move over your tense neck area and release your neck tension with the trigger point massage.

Necessary here: Find the most painful point of the tension and put a lot of pressure on it with the massage device until the pain subsides. In this way, you can gradually relieve your neck tension.

Relieve Neck Tension With An Electrostimulation Device

Especially if you have an office job and get a little exercise, tension is not uncommon. Electrostimulation devices counteract this problem by moving and training your muscles. Electrodes are attached to the tense muscles. These transmit electrical signals to the muscles, which then contract and relax.

It might sound a bit strange at first, but it works. The intensity of the stimulation can be freely selected and thus helps to relieve neck tension and pain.

Tiger Balm As A Home Remedy For Neck Tension

A balm with essential oils is a must, perfect for on the go or when you need quick pain relief. When massaged in, the cream warms up, and the plant extracts stimulate blood circulation. The muscles are relaxed, and neck tension is relieved.

Release Neck Tension With Heat Packs

Heat is not only good for pain but also helps to loosen the muscles and thus relieve neck tension. So that you don’t have to hold on to your hot-water bottle all the time, our tip is this cute heat pillow in the shape of a fox.

Warm it up in the microwave and put it around your neck. You can also do something good for your neck when working at your desk.

Release Neck Tension With Warming Massage Oil

A massage is a real blessing, especially for neck tension, which already triggers headaches. Massage oil with arnica is ideal because it has a warming effect and can prevent cramps.

Put a few drops on your fingertips and massage gently to relieve neck tension. Due to the purely natural ingredients, the massage oil from Weleda is also particularly gentle on the skin.

Blackroll To Release Neck Tension

Have you ever heard of fascia rolls? They come in various forms and help massage muscles that are otherwise difficult to reach on your own. The fascia (connective tissue) keeps our body flexible, but movement restrictions, pain, and tension occur when they stick together.

With a fascia roll, for example, the Blackroll, you can counteract the problem and relieve your neck tension.

How Does Neck Tension Arise?

Neck tension arises for a variety of reasons. Stress, working long hours in front of a computer, poor posture, or the wrong sleeping can all cause muscles to tighten and shorten.

Neck tension can manifest itself in various symptoms depending on its severity: a stiff neck, limited mobility when tilting or turning the head, headaches, dizziness or tingling in the arm or fingertips are possible.

Medication For Neck Tension

Lighter neck tension can be solved relatively well with the methods described. Even a hot bath or appropriate stretching exercises for the neck can work wonders. If the neck tension is stubborn, hurts badly, and there are sensory disturbances in the arm or hand, you should see a doctor.

Depending on the severity of the tension, he will prescribe pain medication or perform an ultrasound treatment. The drug ensures that you do not fall into a so-called relieving posture despite the muscular neck tension, which can worsen the problem. With natural movement, the pressure disappears over time.

Prevent Neck Tension Through Exercises

It would be best not to wait until the neck tension has solidified but prevent it early enough. Treat yourself to a break and a little relaxation more often, be it on the sofa, in the bathtub or the sauna. This counteracts the cramping of your muscles caused by stress.

Working at your desk helps you roll your shoulders and turn and tilt your head every hour. You can also stand up and do a little stretch. 2 minutes are enough. It’s just about breaking the rigid stance. You can set the alarm clock to think about the relaxation breaks.

Regular exercise also helps to keep the muscles moving and to avoid tension. In addition, sport is the perfect balance if you work on the computer or struggle with lousy posture.

If you feel neck tension, especially in the morning after getting up, you should take a closer look at your sleeping position. Stomach sleepers, particularly, quickly get neck problems because the spine is not straight during sleep. The right pillow is also essential for restful sleep and can relieve neck tension in the long run.

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