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12 Healthy Foods NFL Players Eat

Athletes have always had a different kind of lifestyle that would enable them to perform at the highest level. They continue pushing their bodies to the limit to ensure that they deliver at the best level whenever they want to represent their teams. These players retain their top spot in the different NFL picks.

Healthy living is the way of the athletes, and NFL has lots of players that try to keep their bodies in shape to ensure that they don’t lose their status among the NFL expert picks throughout the season. They churn out tips to help others follow their regime, especially youngsters that want to go pro.

In that case, we’ve put together 12 healthy foods NFL players eat to keep themselves in shape and perform at a high level. Join us as we check each of them out.

Lean Proteins

Protein is essential to the body, especially for athletes that require lots of physical activities from time to time. However, they would need to avoid proteins with fat that would affect their energy level and performance. In that case, lean proteins become their best bet as they try to stay healthy and fit.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are one of the most healthy carb-based foods in the world, and good part is that they are very yummy. In many cases, this food is done with others on the side to ensure that there is enough balance across the plate, leaving the athlete to get enough energy from the potatoes. Also, since it can be served with meat, the diet is complete.


Salmon is another source of protein that many NFL athletes choose to go with whenever they want to have a meal. With Salmon, they get the essence of a fish and can add other types of food to the mix to make it complete. Salmon is certainly a top food for many NFL players as they proceed through their careers.


Another healthy source of protein for NFL players is Hummus. It is a perfect diet for those who want to regulate their blood sugar. It comprises chickpeas, including legumes, peanuts, and kidney beans. These foods are blended with lemon, tahini, garlic, salt, and water or oil to create a puree.


Another type of food that many NFL athletes go with to ensure that they eat healthy and get the nutrients they need is corn. The food is rich in carbohydrate and has many other incredible benefits offered to those who eat it. You can’t go wrong with corn when you add it to your meal, whenever you want to eat.

Plant-based Diet

The plant-based diets have also become some NFL athletes’ meals. They use this to draw the nutrient from the various plants that would enrich the body and make them perform at a higher level. You should go for this diet to reduce the level of fat intake you get and help increase your energy level, providing the highest level of performance.

Creamed Rice

Rice is a great source of carbohydrates that would help you get more energy needed for training and stronger muscles. With creamed rice, athletes get more than the usual energy, and they can push themselves to work harder and deliver better performance throughout their career and making them stronger players.


This food is for after workout. It is perfect for athletes that want to rest before eating but would need to have energy. The smoothie is a combination of different fruits that would help the body. Each of them is doing something different in the body and would help with nutrients that have been depleted, keeping the players at the top of their performance and the NFL predictions table.


This food is not one many would want to choose because it is compared to others. However, it is a very healthy food that many athletes take to increase their performance and strength. It has been one of the best for the players as they can create different meals from the food, although it is not for those looking for something sweet or savory.


Taking oatmeal is also another way athletes get through the day. They can continue to improve their abilities to ensure that they can keep up with the fast-paced NFL world. Oatmeal is a complete package as the meal is packed with different nutrients that your body needs. And the good thing is that it is easy to make and consume.

Whole Fruit

Fruits are also great sources of incredible nutrients. They would help to increase the body’s immune system. When you take fruits, you can always increase your chances of puting in more work. Therefore, top athletes take whole fruits for nutrient and use it to improve their performances.

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