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Torrentz2 Search Engine: Download Latest Movies, TV Series, Apps From Torrentz2 | Unblock Torrentz Proxy

Torrentz2 or emerged as a clone site of Torrentz search engine website in 2016 when the original site was banned in the same year. Torrentz2 initially had 60 million torrents and is a perfect destination for Movies, Games, TV shows, Software, Songs, e-books, etc.

The original site was founded in the year 2003, which is a metasearch engine and works on Bit Torrent protocol. It provides millions of torrents from various search engines, and it became famous over time. But due to legal issues, it got banned in 2016 but continued to give its services through other websites with different domain names and a similar interface. The website that became very popular because of its unique features and great content is

Torrentz2 is an unofficial clone of Torrentz, which was also shut down by the authorities in 2020. The other backup domain was working, but it was also completely banned from the scene in November 2020. The users are welcomed with the 503 error code when trying to access Torrentz2 and its mirrors.

We will give you a few proxy sites of Torrentz2 that are still working in a few places and mention to you the best alternatives that can be considered in place of Torrentz2. But before that, we would like to present to you the general trivia of

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Basic Website Info Torrentz2 succeeded as an alternative to This website was later banned in many countries due to legal issues. The website contains the aggregate of the torrents or search results of other search engines like The Pirate Bay, RARBG, Limetorrents etc.

The interface is simple with only two categories: the user menu and a search bar like the original website Torrentz. The search is automated as you type the keyword you wish to find in the search bar, you will be getting results related to the search. You can see a very long list of search results on the same page.

The search results could be filtered based on the latest and elapsed content (the number of days or weeks from which the files are made available) and the quality of the content, whether they are safe or verified. Users can directly access the content without registration.

The Torrentz2 consists of a list from the metasearch engines. When the users type their favourite content in the search bar and press enter, they will be directed to another page where the list of websites originally hosting the searched content could be found.

Because of the outstanding features and multitude of contents, the Torrentz website flocks millions of users regularly. After some time, Torrentz2 was also blocked and banned in many countries due to legal issues. So many proxy sites of Torrentz2 have emerged in its place.

List Of Proxy Sites Of Torrentz2 Or Website

If you cannot browse Torrentz2 or face a 503 error code, you can try the below-given proxy or mirror sites of the Torrentz2 website.


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Top 5 Alternatives For Torrentz2 Website

Torrentz2 and its proxy or mirror sites faced shutdown and domain seizures in many countries. It is a strenuous job to find out the working proxies of Torrentz2 and the locations in which it is working. But there is no need to worry as there are equally great torrent websites and their proxies available on the internet. The leading top 5 alternatives for Torrentz2 are below.

  • The Pirate Bay
  • Snowfl
  • Toorgle
  • Kickass Torrents

All the websites mentioned above are picked out based on the valuable and bulk of content present on them, the number of users visiting the website, the website interface or layout and the ads intrusion. The above-listed torrents are working according to reliable sources.

The Pirate Bay

This torrent needs no introduction as it is the foremost and a well-known website among torrent lovers. The Pirate Bay was also founded in the year 2003 with many helpful features. The user interface is straightforward, with a search bar and a user menu. The website provides utilities such as apps, software, e-books and entertainment content like movies, music, TV shows etc.

The versatile content and the low ad annoyance with 25 million monthly visitors make it a perfect alternative for the Torrentz2 website. The content on the site is regularly scrutinized for the safety of the users. Our site also has a complete article on The Pirate Bay and its proxies if you would like to check them out.


Snowfl is another leading torrent site like Torrentz2, mainly comprising files from YTS, 1337x, Rockbox, The Pirates Bay. The interface is uncomplicated with simple categories. It also provides a dark mode for the users who wish for the dark display. It enables you to download movies, music, games, software etc.

As you type the keyword in the search bar and press enter, you will find 120 to 170 results on the same page. Users can select the results considering the details of seeders, leechers, file size, genre, age and torrent site. This search engine also has an onion link that Tor users can browse.

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The next one on the list is Toorgle, a torrent inspired by Google search engine. This site can be regarded as one of the best torrents in 2021. The site is remarkable for allowing the users to find the torrent results from the highest number of torrent sites, 450+. Toorgle is powered by Google and has an interface similar to Google with a neat and clean layout. You get a familiar feeling while browsing it.

The search results are also similar to Google search results, and you can click on the links displayed to open your favourite torrent. Toorgle can run on slower internet connections. Mozilla and Firefox search engines users are allowed to install a search bar as an add-on.

Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents is a world-famous website with visitors from every nook and corner. The torrent allows the users to download movies, TV shows, apps, anime, games and many more without paying a penny.

The site has a monthly 7 million visitors with the lowest ad annoyance comparatively. Ad blockers can also be used to get rid of them. The site has a user-friendly interface and well-revised content. The site may go on and off due to its popularity and heavy traffic. In that situation, you can effortlessly check out the proxy sites without interruption., originally called, is an all-rounder torrent meta-search engine site that lets you get results from all major torrent sites without difficulty. This is a must-visit torrent site due to its sleek interface design and search engine ability. The Torrent Seeker powers it.

5 million users pay a monthly visit to this website. It has limited ad annoyance. The site lets you search from an individual torrent site rather than from a group of torrents. The content is classified into different sections based on genres. You can find the latest trending content displayed on it. The site has 61 million torrent files. So, it has become the most searched torrent site in place of Torrentz2.

Final Say On Torrentz2

With our profound and intricate research, we have provided you with the features of Torrentz2, Torrentz proxy and alternatives. We hope the given information helps you search for suitable torrent search engines that suit you.

We aim to provide our readers with exclusive and exquisite information on torrent sites. Still, We do not encourage or recommend visiting sites under the illegal category that violate the copyright rules.

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