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Afdah | 5 Best Alternatives Sites To Afdah Movie | Watch Free Online Afdah Movies [Latest 2022]

Afdah is one of the famous online portals for movies, Tv shows, web series, and TV serials in HD quality. Afdah movies is an index for many magnet links of movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, south Indian language movies, international language movies, and many more. The best part is that the users can access the content for free.

In this age of cutting-edge technology and high-speed internet connections, the desire to watch movies of the latest and the old in your own spare time in the comfort of your couch has become more accessible and convenient. The fast-track life, typical schedules, locked down period due to the pandemic, availability of latest movies in the language of interest for free on numerous online portals encouraged movie lovers to pay frequent visits to illegal movie streaming sites like Afdah.

We will take you through a journey into the complete details of the infamous movie streaming platform called Afdah. Beginning with the origin, functionality, features, and statistics, the present working condition, legal and safety issues, and similar alternatives of, we give you the most delicate information on the site. The article is totally for educational purposes only, and there is no intention to promote the site.

Networth & Statistical Analysis Of Afdah

Afdah is undoubtedly a leading website that has a lot of followers in public. Movie lovers regularly visit Afdah to watch or download their favorite movies in their spare time. You may wonder how website owners could make income from free streaming videos. The simple answer is that the revenue is generated from the pop-up ads on the website and the number of visits and views to the website.

To estimate the net worth of the websites, calculates the income earned by any website. According to it, the net worth of Afdah is 23,210,000 USD. The total number of visits by netizens per year is around 88,247,880., based on the traffic, page views, and the time spent on the website, gave a global rank of 7823 to the pirated Afdah website.

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Best Features Of Afdah Movies Website

Afdah website is embellished with unique features that are convenient and spacious to its visitors. That is the reason why most movie lovers like to visit the website.

  • Afdah is widely known for providing movies, tv shows, web series, videos of many languages. The more interesting fact is that you can find movies in Spanish, Korean, German, Japanese, etc.
  • Users can watch movies in full HD quality. The site is prominent for 4K movies.
  • Unlike many pirated websites, Afdah provides specific details to every movie like IMDB rating, cast, video quality, file size, subtitles, and a brief description of the film beforehand.
  • Movies of 26 genres such as action, adventure, biopics, comedy, crime, documentary, drama, family, fantasy, horror, historical, musical, sci-fi, romance, thriller, western, and many more are available right at the top of the home page.
  • One can easily download the movie by typing the movie in the search bar, selecting the icons present below, or clicking on the thumbnails. Once you search for the movie and click on it, it will redirect you to another page of a different website where the actual movie is hosted. From there, you can easily download the film.
  • The other efficient feature of the website is that the speed with which a movie is downloaded is very high.
  • Afdah successfully runs on both Android and IoS devices without complications. If you find it difficult to access the website on PCs, the admins invented innovative ways to quickly browse the website without risks with the help of an APK. This android app can be downloaded on smartphones and get a hassle-free experience.
  • Above all, everything available on the site is entirely chargeless.

Attractive Homepage Of Afdah Movie Website

The homepage of Afdah is a topic of interest as the setup is intrinsic and elegant with versatile attributes. The attractive dark mode and clean layouts with a simple yet strategic way of placing the categories. At the top of the website, you can find a search bar and a title bar. Beneath, there are 26 genres of movies, tv shows, songs, and web series.

Below that, there are 26 English alphabets and 0 to 10 numbers laid adjacently to select the movies based on the titles that start with a particular alphabet or number. On the left side of the homepage, you will find a movies menu to browse by country, movies, year, language, and TV shows.

The latest releases are published on the homepage using thumbnails to click on them without searching instantly. The enormous content and attractive features are the main reasons to witness a lot of craze and following among the netizens.

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Mirror Sites Of Afdah Updated 2024

Afdah is banned in a few countries like the USA, India, Russia, China, etc., where there are strict copyright infringement laws to protect the copyrighted content from getting pirated. Even though Afdah doesn’t host the pirated movie files, it is considered an illegal site as it has numerous magnet links of pirated movies directed to other banned websites.

So Afdah is banned and blocked in many areas. The feasible way to access the content on the website is through mirror websites which are replicas of the original website but with different domain names. They are listed for your reference.

  •,,, are other mirror sites with fast internet access.

How To Unblock Afdah Movie Using VPN Service?

A VPN or a Virtual Private Network is a trustworthy service to access illegal websites like Afdah in disguise easily. VPNs let you have different geolocations where there is no ban on the website. They also protect your data and valuable devices from getting into the hands of fraudsters. There are many benefits a VPN could give. You can easily escape the surveillance of an ISP with the help of a VPN.

Reliable VPN Services To Access Afdah

There are umpteen VPN services in the market that come to your rescue. But all VPN services are not trustworthy as few VPN services, especially the free ones, are unreliable. So we provide a list of budget-friendly and famous VPN services.

  • Nord VPN
  • Hotspot Shield VPN
  • CyberGhost VPN
  • TunnelBear
  • IP Vanish VPN

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Question of Safety and Legality When Browsing Afdah

It is undeniable that pirated websites like Afdah do not provide safety conformation when you access the content on the website. It might be bothersome, but pirated websites like Afdah are to be accessed at your own risk as there is no registration process and the website’s admins are unknown. Cybercriminals look for such websites to carry out illegal activities like data theft, ingesting malware into innocent people’s devices, and monitoring their activities.

Afdah is an illegal website that streams pirated content. According to the copyright act in many countries, streaming copyright-protected content for free is a punishable crime. The guilty are either put behind bars or imposed a fine of 5 lakhs. Afdah’s website discloses that it is not responsible for copyright infringement or missing movies as it doesn’t host the movie files on its servers. Movies like Hedgehog, Mission Impossible, Bad Boys For Life are few pirated Hollywood movies available on Afdah.

Top 5 Alternatives Of Afdah

Yes Movies

YesMovies is a free online video streaming platform for movies and shows with 9k+ HD quality movies. The straightforward interface lets you watch or download movies and other entertaining stuff like documentaries for free. Yes, Movies can be an excellent alternative for Afdah.


123Movies is another online portal for movies in different languages, tv shows free of cost. The website also provides Asian dramas, Hollywood hits, anime, and cartoon movies. The user-friendly interface and massive collection of visual entertainers make it a more appealing website. There are many genres and categories of movies on the 123Movies website.


Putlockers is an excellent alternative for Afdah as it has a massive database of movies and tv shows. Content is frequently uploaded on the site. Putlockers recommends using Flash player to download content quickly. Putlockers does not host the data but directs to other websites where the movies are stored, just like the Afdah website.

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Fmovies is a significant movie streaming index that has both new and old movies. The unique feature of the Fmovies website is it allows the users to choose films based on the country. The films on the website are provided with few details like IMDB rating, cast, subtitles, etc. Movies of different genres like action, crime, thriller, horror, romance, and many others are available on the Fmovies website. Fmovies is undoubtedly an effective alternative for the Fmovies website.


Movies4u is well known for trending tv shows and the newest movie releases in HD quality. Movies from international production houses are available on the website. There is no requirement for registration, and the best IMDB-rated movies are freely available on the site. Movies4u has an advanced search bar to locate desired content effortlessly. Movies4u is an internationally recognized website with unique features.

Let’s Conclude Afdah

The above vivid write-up on Afdah is to give you detailed information on the site. Afdah is a fabulous website with an attractive homepage and enormous entertaining content. If the website is not working in your area due to the restrictions imposed by government authorities on illegal sites, then you can try the mirror sites to access the content. To securely visit Afdah avoiding legal issues and safety problems, the best way is by installing a reliable VPN service. We recommend you not to make it a hobby to continuously visit pirated sites as they equally threaten your valuable data and devices.

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