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TamilRockers | How to Unblock TamilRockers Proxy & Mirror Sites [Updated 2022]

Tamilrockers Proxy is a famous Indian torrent site prominently known for pirated movies in many languages, tv shows, hit songs, etc. Using Tamilrockers users stream and download their favorite content with the help of magnet links. The users can download copyright-protected material using the P2P clients.

In the present situation where everyone doesn’t like to visit theaters to watch the latest movie releases, there are many options online in the form of torrent sites that promise to provide the latest blockbuster movies for free in HD quality. So, who shows interest in spending hundreds of rupees to buy movie tickets if they can get superb quality pictures and a comfy experience.

With the advanced innovations in technology and web culture, streaming or downloading content from torrent sites has become an easier task. Day by day, torrent sites like Tamilrockers are gaining popularity, and more people are visiting the site regularly.

About Tamilrockers Or Tamilrockers Proxy

Tamilrockers is an Indian torrent site best known for streaming Hollywood and Bollywood movies in dubbed versions, other regional language movies like Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Gujarati, etc. Tamilrockers proxy has other entertaining content like music videos, tv shows, web series and infamous languages. The website allows the users to download the movies in desired video formats.

Tamilrockers was founded in the year 2011. It is initially an illicit recording network of copyrighted material. Later on, it developed into one of the largest illegal torrent sites with numerous magnet links of pirated movies.

Tamilrockers, with its conveniently accessible interface, top-tier features, and premium content, is considered one of India’s top 10 popular torrent sites. There is no need for registration, and it can be accessed by anyone from any part of the world. The income to the site is generated through advertisements that appear on the site. The revenue is estimated to be 20 to 80 lakhs monthly.

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Working Status Of Tamilrockers

The popularity of Tamilrockers and the availability of vast copyrighted content for free has irked the government officials to take adequate measures to stop them from publishing such content. Nowadays, it has become difficult to access torrent sites as Internet Service Providers ban most. But still, the issue continues as the government authorities could not shun the rise of mirror sites and proxy sites completely. So, Tamilrockers can be accessed through Tamilrockers proxy sites that are identical to the original website in terms of content and interface.

According to specific private sources, the government officials have arrested three men related to the Tamilrockers proxy illegal website in March 2018. One of them is referred to as the website’s admin, and the other two are the workers of Tamilrockers. The three are arrested in Coimbatore city. So the domain name of Tamilrockers 2020 is changed frequently to avoid surveillance, and the original domain of Tamilrockers cannot be traced now.

Tamilrockers proxy List And Mirrors Websites List Working In 2022

Below is the list of working proxies and mirror sites of Tamilrockers that are 100% working in 2022. Please remember to install an ad blocker before switching onto these sites as they cause annoyance and disturb you continuously while browsing the website.


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Four Effective Methods To Unblock Tamilrockers

The four methods mentioned below can help plug into Tamilrockers or Tamilrockers Proxy without facing trouble.

  • Unblock Tamilrockers by using Proxy.
  • Use a VPN service.
  • Adjust DNS settings.
  • Modify proxy settings.

Unblock Tamilrockers By Using Proxy

To easily unblock Tamilrockers, you can do it with the help of Tamilrockers proxy or mirror sites. A proxy site is an intermediary between the website you visit and the end-user, which means you. The proxy site hides your unique identity that means your IP address through which ISPs track you.

The proxy sites also divert the traffic and help you have a hassle-free experience without the intervention of third-party software. You can do your internet activity without revealing your identity. Using a proxy server can be the most advantageous way to unblock Tamilrockers as the proxies are identical to the original domains. You can enter the site and carry out your activities, such as downloading with the help of Bit Torrent software.

Use a VPN service To Unblock Tamilrockers

If you cannot unblock the Tamilrockers proxy site, then installing a suitable and compatible VPN service on your device is the best and reliable method to do so. A VPN connection is an effective way to bypass the blockades. VPN service has many benefits besides unblocking the website for you. VPN prevents the risk you face while browsing pirated websites like Tamilrockers.

The pirated websites are a haven for cybercriminals and hackers who intend to steal users’ valuable data by introducing viruses or malware into their devices. So a VPN service gives you a different IP address of various countries, different geolocation where the site is not banned and thus protects your identity. It secures your devices from viruses and harmful malware. It blocks intrusive ads that might be unsafe to click on.

All you need to do is install a popular VPN service available in the market, open it and adjust the settings before browsing Tamilrockers website. Do not forget to choose a fast-working VPN. Few trustworthy VPN services that can be obtained for affordable prices are listed below.


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Adjust DNS Settings To Unblock Tamilrockers

If you are not interested in using a third-party software but still want to access Tamilrockers proxy, follow the below guidance steps to unblock Tamilrockers proxy by making a few adjustments in the DNS settings.

DNS, which means Domain Name System servers are to be changed in your network adapter. Now open the ‘Network and Sharing Center. Give a right-click to activate the internet connection and then select ‘Properties.’ After clicking on the Properties option, select the ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)’ and enable it.

Next, you type in ‘Preferred DNS Server’ and in ‘Alternate DNS Server’ and hit the ‘OK button.

Modify Proxy Settings To Unblock Tamilrockers

After following the above three methods to unblock Tamilrockers proxy, the other possible method is to reset the proxy settings. If a web toolbar has changed the proxy settings of your browser, then you will not be able to access the website. To fix the problem, you can follow simple steps.

You can modify the proxy settings in the web browser’s options page under the section “Advanced”-> “Network” or “Connections”-> “LAN Settings.” Confirm to enable the “No proxy” option or untick the option that uses a proxy.

Is The Torrent Engine Like Tamilrockers Safe To Access?

Torrent sites are always unsafe because they contain malicious links and are perfect for cyber fraudsters to carry out illegal activities freely. You may be lured to click on the attractive pop-ups that advertise various products. But when you click on them, they lead you to third-party websites and put you in a vulnerable condition. Always take safety precautions before browsing such websites, as there is no guarantee for your essential data and costly devices to be secured.

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Is It A Crime To Access Tamilrockers Website, And What Action Will The Government Take If Found Guilty?

Yes, it is a crime to browse Tamilrockers proxy as it is an illegal website that promotes pirated content in movies, tv shows, web series, and music albums. So we are strictly against piracy, and we do not recommend you to get involved in them. The government of India has banned the Tamilrockers website and is putting consistent efforts to completely eradicate piracy from the country by imposing a mass ban on websites like Tamilrockers proxy. The guilty are punished, either putting in jail for 3 years or imposing a fine of upto 5 lakhs or more.

Websites like Tamilrockers or Tamilrockers proxy have massively influenced the box office collections of many high-budget movies and brought severe loss to the producers. The newly released movies in the theaters are pirated and are published on their sites within hours. People are not interested in visiting theaters to watch movies when available on these websites for free.

Latest Movies Leaked On Tamilrockers Proxy

  • Gunjan Saxena
  • Dark, Bulbul
  • Arya
  • Penguin
  • Thugs Of Hindustan
  • Choked,
  • Super 30
  • Article 15
  • Uri: The Surgical Strike
  • Kabir Singh
  • The Lion King
  • Lisaa
  • Frozen
  • Hobbs And Shaw
  • Chintu Ka Birthday

Let’s Conclude Tamilrockers

We hope you understood the topic Tamilrockers and Tamilrockers proxy entirely through our article. We also mentioned the ways to unblock Tamilrockers proxy. We suggest you not encourage pirated websites as they may be attractive initially but are very deceiving if not appropriately accessed. Always purchase and install a reliable VPN on your device if you still want to browse such websites but do not make it a regular habit as it causes more harm than good.

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